Georges great british kitchen nottingham

Eating out: George’s Great British Kitchen Nottingham

Down a street with several restaurants, we decided to eat at George’s Great British Kitchen on the basis that the menu was full of multiple dishes that I would eat, and that the prices (except the steak!) were reasonable.  We ate there on our first night in Nottingham, and it was early – around 5.30 as N was so hungry.

Georges great british kitchen nottingham

The decor has traditional seaside vibes, bringing in both modern style and decor with some old fashioned fun. With tiles around the booths, blue panelling and other decorations, it’s a pleasant relaxed place to eat.  Our waitress was very efficient and friendly, and the service was good. Not too long to wait to have our order taken, or for the food to arrive.

Georges great british kitchen restaurant

The menu is quite large with everything from pies to burgers, hot dogs to steak, and other classic British dishes. There were plenty of fish options too, although vegetarian and vegan dishes for those so inclined were much fewer. I think I spotted 3. Unsurprising given the traditional dishes menu. The children’s menu is much smaller and as in most restaurants, pretty basic meals like you get everywhere. Boring! Luckily for him, but not my purse, N eats off the main menu so has plenty to choice.

George's Nottingham restaurant menu

N wanted to try tikka masala, so I said I’d have that rather than him choosing it and then finding it too spicy, while he went for scampi in a basket.  

The drinks menu is diverse too – with plenty of cocktails, mocktails, milkshakes and fruit lemonades. I chose the passionfruit lemonade which was delicious, not too sweet, but soooo refreshing. It wasn’t anywhere as sweet and sickly as the different fruit lemonades we had the next day in Prezzo.

passionfruit lemonade in mason jar with straw

The food was well presented and tasted just as good. The only downside was the size of the portions (and the minimal chicken in my curry). Great if you’re a super hungry person – which N had said he was. But unnecessary to have that amount of food as standard.

My chicken tikka masala came with pilau rice, a small naan, twice cooked skin on chips and a chutney type sauce. I had meant to ask for the chips to be removed and to have a little extra rice instead but then forgot. So I didn’t eat many of the chips. Mostly because I couldn’t fit them in, but also I’d personally not choose to have chips with a curry. So most of those were wasted, as was the sauce/salsa thing. Again not something I needed – although if I’d poppadoms it would have been more helpful.

chicken tikka masala pilau rice, naan and chips

The meal was delicious, I just wish they’d include a choice of 2 sides with the meal, and anything else can be ordered from the sides menu. With the cost/waste saving, include a few more pieces of chicken because 5 tiny pieces isn’t really acceptable for the prices charged.

scampi in a basket with chips, salad and mushy peas

With N’s he had 10 scampi (normal size portion he’d have from the chippy) which he said tasted good. Then a huge portion of twice cooked chips, a large portion of mushy peas which he only had a couple of tastes from. And a salad. Why the salad?  He couldn’t even make it through all the chips. Why not offer mushy peas or salad rather than both?

Unfortunately we were both too stuffed to have a dessert, but the menu looked like class British traditional puddings with a modern twist.

Anyway, it was a really nice meal, a nice restaurant and friendly staff. We would eat there again, or any other of the George’s restaurants in other cities.

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