sheep in field with grey clouds overhead

Project 52 2023 week 16

Another week gone by. The weekends in particular are going by ridiculously fast with not much to show for them. I think I need to start planning things in even if it’s just meeting a friend for coffee or visiting somewhere. Here’s this week’s project 52.

Sunday was a relaxing day, trying to make the most of my last day before being back at work and school starting. I didn’t do much, just reading, some jigsaw, and various bits in the house.

On Monday it was back to school and work. Tennis is looking like it’s a bit all over the place this summer term. We’re going to be short several Fridays – I might try and get the kids together anyway for some fun matches.  And Mondays it looks like any clashes with men’s matches will stop lessons happening. It’s a bit frustrating that we had to move to Mondays from Wednesdays due to football training on Wednesdays. So we’ll have to see how many lessons he ends up having.

Tuesday it was a meeting morning. I had to get out at lunch and drop off my Vinted sales. I’m back on there selling again and I’ve already sold about 10 items. I’ve a few more to add, and it’s always good to keep new items being added every couple of days if possible. 

On Wednesday there was a lockdown at school for an hour or so due to intruders in the grounds. N had messaged me so he wasn’t worried. N was pleased they missed 2 periods and could use their phones during the lockdown. Thankfully it didn’t turn into anything worse although some parents were really inciting nastiness about it. I thought the school did a good job and all the kids were safe.  

It was nice for the kids to have football training in sunshine and daylight, although it was cold from the wind.

Thursday was fairly calm in comparison. Just a normal work and school day. Summer sports may turn out well for N. Being in his PE group means he actually wins running races, whereas at primary he was always in with the super fast kids. It was nice to see that he’s still got some speed to work at to beat my best secondary school time for the 1500m.

On Friday, it was nice to get lots ticked off at work. Tennis was noticeable that the kids had had quite a large break since they last played.

Saturday, was an early start to travel for a football match. I think we were expecting to be trounced after the home match result earlier in the season. But we had an early goal and led until into the second half. Coming away with a draw was a good result for our team. The rest of the day seemed to whizz by. I feel like weekends aren’t very productive or exciting. They’re just time passing by so fast with not much going on.

sheep in field with grey clouds overhead

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  1. Oh that is so worrying about intruders on the school grounds! Sounds like the school dealt with it well though.

    Lovely picture of the sheep and view.

  2. Hope you manage to get a reasonable amount of tennis in over the summer term in spite of things being all over the place with it. Worrying that there was an intruder at school – sounds like it was handled well though. Well done to N’s team on the draw. #project365

  3. We do practice lockdowns every term in school and have only had to do it once for real. Shame that the tennis is all over the place

  4. Looks like the weather was on N’s side this week. It must’ve been scary dealing with the lockdown. Shame some parents didn’t respond as well as the kids.

  5. We love the weekends but they always go by so quickly.
    That’s a shame that the tennis is all over the place. Oh gosh, how scary about the lockdown at school.
    What a pretty view. x

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