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Project 52 2018 week 40 – ladybird

We’re onto week 40 of the year and Project 52.  It’s been a lovely week weatherwise – gorgeous cool autumn mornings, brightening into glorious sunny afternoons.  With the soft evening sun it means lots of chance to get outside and take photos.

The rest of the week wasn’t anything unusual.

I was at work, N at school. Homework’s continued as much as normal – although I’m pleased that N is doing proper maths the same way we did. He agreed to put himself forward for school council. He was disappointed not to be voted the year rep (unsurprising given he was one of a few who wouldn’t read their own speeches out). After saying he wouldn’t stand then changing his mind, he’s now already planning whether he’ll stand for school council next year or sports crew.  I’ve just got to get him willing to do a speech in class. There’s a year to work up to it.

The week ended up with tennis doing match practice because N and 3 of his tennis buddies from school have been selected to play in a match for the U8s mini red league for their team.  I’m hoping a) it goes ahead because it’s lovely that all 4 of them are like a team of friends already and b) N doesn’t get absolutely slaughtered in his games. I think he’d get put off for trying again in future. But we’ll see what happens. If he decides he likes playing matches, that could wipe out our Sundays as matches are afternoons.  Not great timing for family roast dinners in the evenings. I’ll be doing roasts on Saturdays, and slow cooker meals on Sundays.

This week’s photo was taken at the front door when I spotted a ladybird in the corner. I love how my camera’s really got the glossy surface of the ladybird.

ladybird macro
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  1. The ladybird close-up is amazing. My camera and iphone don’t do close-ups of small items well. It is daunting to give a speech in front of the audience, so I sympathise with N. Hope he will conquer his fear and apply for the school council next year.

  2. Hope the tennis match went well.
    Great capture of the ladybird.
    The focus is so sharp you can see every mark in the wood of the door frame.


  3. Aww bless that he didn’t want to do his speech…its pretty daunting standing up in front of everyone!
    Great capture of the ladybird….although there have been reports of infestations I haven’t come across any yet!

  4. he is still young yet so plenty of time to read a speech out in years to come.
    he sounds good at the tennis, a nice wee confidence booster.
    In this house Sunday roasts are a midweek thing.

  5. Fingers crossed he feels more confident next year to stand up, that’s a lot for any child to do isn’t it. But i’m still really impressed with what he’d written. Eek to the tennis if it wipes out your Sundays, you’ll be another weekend sports mum. There are times when I’m relieved that mine has no interest 😀 #365

    1. He’s already got something he wants his sports council person to sort out. I’m not convinced it’s something for the council, but who am I to stop him.

      I’m hoping in a year’s time he’ll be moved up to level 5 in swimming and strong enough that he can stop swimming lessons then that’ll free up Saturdays again

  6. Sunday afternoon sports would break into the weekend. Sounds like you have a good plan though. I do like your ladybird picture – it looks so glossy.

  7. A great spot (or spots, I suppose!) It’s been a lovely week weather-wise – still surprisingly warm in mid-afternoon, although this weekend’s sudden downturn in temperature has been a bit of a shock to the system.

  8. Hi Emma, bless N little fluffy socks. He couldn’t bring himself to do his speech but he wanted to be year rep. My two were always being picked up at school for not being outgoing enough… Thank goodness for slow cookers!.. What an interesting looking ladybird. I was reading that there are more this year in the UK after the summer you had. That one looks a little shy too.



  9. How lovely that N has been picked for the tennis team! I really hope it goes well for you. You could have a little insight into our world if he starts playing regular matches. Mealtimes are always a challenge in our house, as I’m never actually at home to cook anything!

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