50 book challenge 2013: January update

So far so good in my reading challenge for 2013.

I’m onto book number 7, and have been mixing up my books between my favourite authors and genres (crime, psychological thriller, chick lit) interspersed with Kindle books I’ve found for free (or cheap).  I’m finding my Kindle really easy to read, much less hassle than a book when reading in bed.  However, I still do love to be able to see how far I’m through a book, which isn’t quite the same on the Kindle.

The Killing House – Chris Mooney.  ”The Killing House is the amazing first novel in a stunning new series by Chris Mooney. It introduces fallen angel and former profiler Malcolm Fletcher who is forced to take the law into his own hands in order to uncover the truth in his terrifying first case” says Amazon.

This was a new find and I really enjoyed it, definitely my cup of tea.  I liked the main hero, it had eccentric villains and it kept me guessing throughout.  Will be looking out for more of Mooney’s books in future.

Once upon a Christmas – Sarah Morgan Anything Christmassy gets my nod, even outside the holiday season.  One from the Mills & Boon table, although I’d not realised it at the time so take from that what you will.   Of course there’s a happy ending from this easy and quick to read book.

The Invisible Ones – Stef Penney. Again another cheap ebook find.  More gentle style of mystery novel, about family secrets.  Stef Penney is another new author to me.  Although this isn’t the type of books I’d usually pick up, I found it interesting and would probably pick up another by Penney.

You had me at Hello – Mhairi McFarlane ”Rachel and Ben. Ben and Rachel. It was them against the world. Until it all fell apart. It’s been a decade since they last spoke, but when Rachel bumps into Ben one rainy day, the years melt away” says Amazon.  Classic chick lit, although I was expecting a full on happy ending and my anticipated ending didn’t happen.  Lots of chuckle out loud moments, great friendships with fun characters, 

Bought, Yet Destitute – Sarah Morgan.  Trashy romance read, good if you need a quick fill in of light fluffy woman meets man.  Don’t read this if you only read ‘serious’ literature novels.

The Other Daughter – Lisa Gardner. ”WHEN YOU CAN’T REMEMBER YOUR PAST…. When, after twenty years of happy family life, Melanie suddenly finds her past under investigation by a reporter and an FBI agent, everything she thought she knew about her new life is questioned. And when horrific messages and gifts start arriving, Melanie is forced to face the terrifying reality that her family may be the last people she should trust” says Amazon.  I’ve read quite a few books by Lisa Gardner; there’s always some intrigue and different plot outcome possibilities.  Melanie starts by being a bit of a pushover, her family seem to get odder with the page turns, and has to trust the FBI to find out the truth.  I’d guessed most of the secrets as the story unfurled, but that didn’t detract from the book’s ending.  

I’m now reading Long Time Coming by Edie Claire.  Another freebie ebook, and so far so good.  I’m pleased that I’ve not yet downloaded a bad book, so along with my still huge pile of books to read on my book shelf, I’m hopeful that my 50 books challenge will be interesting and enjoyable.

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  1. Wow 7 books already, I enjoy reading but really struggle to separate out enough time each day to do much of it. I guess blogging and twitter take priority which isn’t necessarily right all the time

    1. That’s definitely the issue. Too much social media. Although my reading more has meant later nights and more tiredness, so not sure it’s that healthy on the physical side!

    1. I’m hoping I should be able to get to near that too. Depends when I get back to work though, as not doing that does free up a bit of time.

  2. Apart from cookery books I have not bought a book in ages, I did get Life of Pi in paperback for Christmas and was given a publishers data stick containing 1000+ books for Kindle with some newbies and pay for books on it. I sometimes miss a real book but the Kindle is so much easier for carting around … and no one can see what your reading so if you have ’50 shades of Gray’ on the go you can still read it in public places without blushing. I have about 85 books on my kindle at the moment and every week or so hit the kindle book store ‘bestseller’ list and check out the top 50 free ones.

    So, what is your favourite book of all time? One of my day zero is to get 10 book recommendations from friends and read them all.

    1. My favourite is Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Luiz Zafron. Not been so impressed by his second, but want to read his latest as meant to be nearer his first.

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