Food grabber

I reckon I’ve probably established for everyone reading that N likes his food.

So much so, that he’s started getting a bit sly about getting hold of it.

First, I’d find him opening his cupboard door in the kitchen…where his plates, bowls, bibs and any snack foods etc are kept (you can read about the prune occasion here if you’ve not seen it before).  I then got clever and any opened or easily accessible boxes, are now decanted into a tupperware tub with clips and left on the worktop.  Can’t put it in the cupboard as he can open it anyway.

He does seem to have long arms for his height as quite often I’ll spot him grabbing something off the worktops, or snatching a bag of satsumas.  I’m quite astounded by his reach.

Now we have him dragging the chairs over to the worktop where the fruit bowl (and excess bags of fruit) sits.  Not only that, but he’ll leave whichever room I’m in, wander off to the kitchen.  He’ll close both the kitchen door and the one to the back room (it’s open plan with the kitchen), thinking I can’t hear him.  Then I hear the chair being dragged over (these are heavy oak chairs, quite impressive strength for a 2 year old) to the cupboards.

So far, he’s gone for bananas (he’s quick at peeling them too), satsumas, and yesterday he’d managed to reach behind the fruit bowl for his Christmas tube of chocolate buttons and had removed a packet.

He can’t open those little packs yet though, so at least I didn’t find him with chocolate all over him and the house.

It’s hard not to be impressed, but sometimes I wish he’d just ask.

The alternative to being a secret food grabber, is when he begs for a snack (usually being quite specific), but once he has it, he doesn’t want to eat it.  Instead, like the clementine this morning, it ends up being thrown on the floor.

Please don’t ask if you don’t really want it.

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