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Golden ginger macaroons recipe

Whenever I need to provide cakes or biscuits for work birthdays, I always make these delicious golden ginger macaroons.  At my old work there were a couple of colleagues who would always rave about them, and my boss has done the same after this birthday when I took them in.  (I thought I’d put in a bit too much ginger, but evidently not!).

golden ginger macaroon recipe - Bubbablueandme

They’re really easy to make, with only 3 or 4 ingredients, and you can double up the batch. The original recipe I used reckoned you could get 16-18 out of one batch of ingredients, but I think they’re some way off that if you’re making teaspoon size balls.

golden ginger macaroon recipe

ginger macaroon recipe

ginger ingredients with ginger macaroon biscuits

And for those of you who are thinking you don’t like coconut, don’t worry.  There’s no coconut in sight.  Instead, they’re made from ground almonds, so they’re perfect for those eating gluten free diets…shame about the sugar though!

proud of the ginger macaroons he made

Golden ginger macaroon recipe

1 batch makes around 14 bitesize macaroons
Prep time 10 mins
Cook time 20 mins


75g Golden caster sugar
115g ground almonds
1 egg white (I used medium)
1 tsp ginger (this makes them quite strong, so use less if you want a subtler flavour)


  1. Preheat over to 180C/160Fan
  2. Beat the egg whites to stiff peaks (not dry and crispy)
  3. Add the sugar gradually, and whisk back to peaks each time
  4. Mix the ginger into the ground almonds, the fold the dry ingredients into the egg whites/sugar mix.
  5. On a baking sheet, put parchment or a liner (you don’t need this, but it saves washing the sheet all the time – I’m lazy!)
  6. Put teaspoon sized balls or mounds onto the baking sheet, and bake for around 15 minutes until golden brown and a bit crispy on top.  They should still be a little soft if you press them, to be a chewy bake.
  7. Leave to cool then eat.

The ginger macaroons will keep a couple of days in tupperware.

enjoying golden ginger macaroons

What biscuits do you like to bake?  Do you use spices for baking?

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  1. ooh thanks for this. i’m hoping to do much more baking once we have finished school and nursery. these look yummy

  2. Wow these are great and look easy to make. Have bookmarked this page because they sound exactly like something I would like to make. A little christmassy too with the ginger maybe?!

  3. These look absolutely delicious, I do not think I have ever baked in biscuits before maybe when I was a kid under mum’s instructions I might have. Thanks for the recipe

  4. These look amazing and quite an easy recipe too. I have never made macaroons but think I am going to give these a go! xx #TheList #pocolo

  5. Looks very yummy and easy to make. I was just wondering what to make for the weekend, and as my husband doesn’t like coconut at all I think these will be excellent! Thanks 🙂 #PoCoLo

  6. Yay! A wonderful recipes. I love Maracoons and I’ve always wanted to try bake them, but it always end up failing or perhaps melted in the oven. But I’m going to try this recipe. I bet it tasted delicious

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