family frisbee fun

Old skool frisbee fun with family

Last weekend was one of the coldest of the autumn so far, but that didn’t stop N wanting to get outside and play.

I’d been telling him to stay off the grass because it was just too wet to be driving his gator round, but he got so excited later in the day to see his uncle turn up, that playing outdoors was too much of a lure.  So much so, that he forgot he’d wanted to go out on the farm with his dad.

Instead, he and my brother decided to take the frisbees outside.

family frisbee fun

Now, I do like a bit of frisbee although I’m really out of practice.  My brother’s a bit more accurate when throwing something, so he decided to take on teaching N.

setting out the frisbee course

N’s not great at throwing and catching – in fact, I’m not sure I’ve seen him catch a ball more than a couple of times.  So a frisbee was going to be interesting.  His version was just to chuck it.  Mainly vertically, so it ended up instead of flat.

toss the frisbee

But it didn’t take long before he was getting the hang of the action, even if it didn’t always go very far.

running to catch the frisbee

chasing the frisbee

A few times he did manage to catch the wind and the frisbee flew a decent distance.

But catching it was never going to happen.  His uncle thinks it’s really funny that he doesn’t even try, he just takes the easy option and waits for it to fall.

throwing a frisbee gif

N showed his bossy side and was telling his uncle exactly where to toss the frisbee, and where to stand.  Even the dog was told to ‘sit there’.  Luckily our dog  doesn’t understand the concept of things being thrown and the excitement most dogs have in chasing things (she was meant to have been a gundog but is gun shy so has never learnt to retrieve).  So the frisbees weren’t in any danger.

dog waiting patiently

One frisbee did get lost over the lodgers’ side of the garden, and they didn’t answer the door so we could go and retrieve it.  Last time N knocked something over, I let N squeeze through the gate to get it…next thing I heard was their 4 dogs barking and heading his  way as his returned to our garden.  Oops.  At the moment our trampoline’s blocked against the gate thanks to the winds a few weeks ago, so I can’t get through.

I got cold after a while but the hardy boys stayed outside for a bit.  I did see them hooning around on N’s too small motorbike and trike.  Not that they seemed worried about it.  The cold obviously didn’t worry them.

riding trikes

The next day, N ended up going out in the field for some metal detecting with his uncle.  It’s great that he only lives a couple of miles away so we see him quite a lot.  He’s great with N, and patient with him.  N’s good enough to know what he is and isn’t allowed to do with the detector as well.

digging for metal detecting

learning how to metal detect

They didn’t find anything interesting, just a bullet, a shotgun casing, some wire and a lock, but ‘treasure’ doesn’t need to be valuable for children to find it interesting.  The only problem with N liking metal detecting, is that we end up with muddy bits of metal left around the house.

metal detecting find

Have you been out and about in the cold weather?  Do your kids feel the cold?

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  1. Uncles are so much fun! My kids are lucky to have two fun/ naughty uncles, although one is naughty mainly from lying on the settee shouting insults at them, which they love!
    You’ve captured some great photos of N and the frisbee in action and love the pic of the dog staring at the frisbee.

  2. What a great weekend for N, he looks like he really enjoyed his days with his uncle, it’s great that N and his uncle have such a great bond. It’s great that N enjoyed playing frisbee, he looks like he really started to get the hang of throwing it by the end, and the two of them on the motorbike and trike is a great moment to have captured. Guy’s tried to have a go at Metal Detecting and he enjoys it for a while but soon gets a little bored and comes in again, it’s great that N enjoys doing it with his uncle. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

  3. My girls got into the frisbe this summer and I was terrible. When I first showed poppy how to do it “like this” it hit her right in middle of forehead!! Didn’t put get off though. We lost a few too. Looks like you had lots of fun x

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