Out on the farm

Now Autumn’s drawing in, and it’s back to nursery full time, it’s a lot harder to be getting time outside.  I think we’re going to be struggling to be joining up regularly with Country Kids due to Saturdays being full of chores and swimming, as well as numerous birthdays and like like coming up.

Luckily N’s day nursery has a forest school and great playground, which means they get to go outside even if it is a bit damp and windy.  His new nursery school that he goes to twice a week, doesn’t have its own outdoor space, so they have set times they go outside to play on the village green, go for walks in the village, or go up to the school to play in their playground.

The good thing about being on a farm for N though, is the outdoor space.  It means as long as I am able to keep an eye on him (we don’t have a fence round the garden so he has a tendency to continue further round the house than I can see), there’s lots of opportunities to simply pop outside and potter around the garden or wander down to the yard.

The new nursery school is school hours only, so on a Friday I pick him up at 3 (it’s nice to be able to finish work early as well one day a week), which co-oincides with the men just heading back out to work after their afternoon meeting coffee break.

They’ve been busy with sheep sales recently, and N was keen to help out moving some sheep with the quad bike.  Even a mere 10 minutes will give him great pleasure, and I’m sure he can’t wait until he’s a bit older and can hang round with them for longer to help do jobs.

quad bike and trailer
Helping the men on the farm

Then after swimming on Saturday, he wanted to put his wellies on to walk down to the yard.  There were a few puddles around, so that kept him entertained for a while, as I stood freezing and waiting for him to finish so I could go back to what needed doing.

on the farm
Wandering off
toddler in puddles (1)
toddler walking in puddles (1)

Usually he’ll just splash lots, but yesterday N was in contemplative mood.  Lots of looking at the puddle…although I’m sure there was a larger one he could have chosen to splash in.

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  1. N is definitely a Country Kid and it’s lovely to see him helping out his Daddy on the farm! Playing in puddles is one of the good things about having rain and armed with wellies it provides lots of fun. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids and sharing your fun on the farm!

    1. N always wants his wellies on. He had a strop and ran away from me at his new nursery because he wanted to go home wearing his wellies instead of his shoes.

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