sunrise over the farm

Project 365 2015 week 48

We’re now on week 48 and racing towards the finish line of Project 365 for 2015.  N’s on countdown to Christmas and his birthday, so it’s hard not to notice time racing by.  It’s been a fairly quiet week although I’m not thinking a bit more about getting organised for Christmas.

On Sunday, N spent some time out metal detecting with his uncle.  He loves getting the spade out and the mini detector, but he does get a bit bored after about 30 minutes.

digging for metal detecting

On Monday, I snapped this sunrise outside the bedroom window.  I have to stick my hand out the window with my phone because the chest of drawers is in the way. It’s worth it though – the other rooms don’t have as good a direction or view from them.

sunrise over the farm

On Tuesday I went for a lunchtime walk round town.  I like to get out from work for a bit, otherwise I tend to get an afternoon headache.  The decorations in the shopping centre were up, although the outdoor town lights won’t go on until the last Sunday in November.

Banbury town Christmas decorations

On Wednesday it was back to bad traffic near work. Before half term, the traffic hadn’t been anything like this, but since then, it’s been horrific with no explanation why.  Although it’s not helping with the weather, the new retail park, and soon to be built additional houses.

traffic jams in Banbury

On Thursday it was my nan’s funeral. My brother and I headed down there for the service. Considering we had no idea of her favourite hymns, people to invite or prayer choices, I think we managed to put together a reasonable service, and several people mentioned it was a nice service.  Afterwards, I didn’t have enough time to go back to work, so I went to the new retail park to quickly check out the new Primark, and grab a hot chocolate in Starbucks.  It’s nice to have a different coffee shop there vs the other brands in town.

First Starbucks drink in Banbury

On Friday, N decided he was going to test me on his phonics.  So far he’s learn 14, so still some way to go. He’s ok at the sounds, but not too good on knowing the letters to write down.

testing mummy on phonics

Saturday was a day of stuff.  Swimming lesson, then a playdate with his best friend while we discussed their joint birthday party. Followed by a frantic rush into town to pick up some material and a mask for a work photo shoot.  It was all a bit rushed, but lovely to sit down and have a chat with a friend.  N’s been making the most of having out his old tractors, and was building a road with a jenga type game pieces.

making farm tracks

My photos this week have been severely lacking so hopefully next week they will be better and more frequent.

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  1. I’m sorry about your Nan Emma, I’ve obviously missed that news, hope the service went as well as these things ever can. I really need to pop over to town but can’t face the look of that traffic. Your sunrise photo is lovely, beautiful colours #365

    1. Thanks Mary. It went as well as it could have done.

      The traffic’s really sporadic. This morning it was fine, but then other days have been horrific. Just no way of knowing. It’s like Gateway retail park – many people complaining they’ve been driving round and unable to find spaces, yet others have had no problems (although many going in the evenings!)

    1. Thanks Kirsty. It wasn’t too bad, because we knew our nan wanted to go, her body just didn’t want to give up.
      This year’s been madness. I guess the older we get, the faster time seems to whizz by

  2. i love seeing all of the festive decorations at this time of year, they are so cheery and colourful.
    sorry about your Nan lovely, but it sounds like the funeral went well, all things considered. It is almost 3 years since my Na died and it does not seem possible (hugs)
    phonics are being practised a lot here too, it sounds like N is doing very well at them xx

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