practising writing his name

School days – forest school and phonics test

It’s getting ever nearer to Christmas and it appears that N’s school Christmas performance rehearsals have started along with the usual learning and fun.

I love that N keeps coming out of school and saying he had a good day.  It sounds like our neighbour’s stepson has got a place (that’s 3 over capacity in our year) due to an older child leaving).  It’ll be nice for N to hopefully make friends with another child living next door…well, half a mile down the road at the next farm! The last time it was mentioned we meet them when they were applying to get a place, we just couldn’t coordinate times.

practising writing his name

This week has been a busy one for him:

Forest School

N’s been to his first forest school session.  I think he had some incorrect expectations, but he said it was good fun, they made lots of dens.  The only downside was he  said he didn’t get a snack because there wasn’t enough and he couldn’t get his own one.  I guess he’ll have to get more pushy in future if he wants to make sure he gets some.

School meals

N isn’t fussy at all, and last term we sat down and chose this term’s meals for him.  I did wonder before he started school how they would know who’d ordered what, but they have a list and the children are given a wristband – red for meat dish, green for veggie option, blue for other (jacket, baguette, pasta basics) depending on what was ordered.  It seems like a good system, and N’s only mentioned one time when we think he had the wrong colour band.

I always ask what N had for lunch, and he rarely remembers.  Half the time I’m not sure he even remembers what colour band he was (even though it’s mostly red).  But every morning he asks me what band he is.  This term I haven’t written the meals we chose down, so I never know.  I think it’s probably nicer to have a surprise, especially when he’ll eat anything anyway.

Non-uniform day

N had another non-uniform day this week, this time in aid of Christmas hamper raffle goods.  But after the Children In Need day, N wanted to know why he couldn’t wear his pjs again.  Thankfully he was happy in the end to go in normal clothes!

Phonics test

So far so good on phonics.  N’s getting there – 14 sounds down, 14 letters written.  And just to keep reminding him.

He does seem to enjoy thinking of words (especially names) that begin with the sound.  But prefers getting me to think of them for him.  He does keep ‘writing’ pages of his zig zag scribbles and then asking me to read them to him.  I’ve no idea because it’s not proper writing, but he’s so insistent it’s funny.

It’s also become interesting to test everyone else on phonics and writing.  N had his Read Write Inc flashcards* out to test me on the sounds, on the relevant words, and for me to practise writing the letters.  Then he tells me if I’m correct.

My brother was tested on pictures.  He had to guess what the pictures that N drew were of.  A much harder task than mine was.

Christmas nativity

I’m not entirely sure what exact performance N’s class are doing.  I’m assuming it’s a traditional nativity.

N’s been given the role of a villager – I don’t think he’s got any lines although when I mentioned that he’d not have to learn words, just the songs, he told me that ‘the villager’s really important, of course I have lines’.  Hmm, I’m sure we’d have got some to practise if so.

He’s been trying to remember songs, but gets stuck after a few lines.  N seems to remember quite a lot of songs on tv shows he’s watches, so I’m hoping he’ll get it before long.  The other day he mentioned that it was the same as the play they’d done at nursery.

He then decided to root through his dressing up drawer…and came downstairs in his crown dragging his king outfit from last year.

‘That’s a king outfit, you’re a villager’.

‘That’s ok, I can wear it’

‘No, it’s too posh.  I have to make you one’

‘Oh’  Disappointment that he won’t get to wear his king outfit, and that I have to make a village tunic.

What have your children been up to at school?  Are they doing Christmas plays?

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  1. It sounds like he’s really enjoying it. z has the same band system at school. He is SUCH a fussy eater and always needs to know what he’s having, it completely makes or breaks his day so I always take photos of what we’ve chosen when it comes to picking meals. Zs class has weekly spelling tests which I found a bit of a pain at first as it means lots of pracising through the week but it’s proven a good thing for him. He’s a “traveller” in his play. 🙂

    1. I do need to remember to make a record of what I’ve ordered. Photos are a good idea. Thankfully N’s pretty relaxed about what he has, although just obsessed with the band colour.

  2. He’s doing really well.
    My little ones are doing a lot of winter and Christmas arts and crafts in nursery at the moment and santa is coming on 18th December.

    1. I don’t think school are doing their usual festive fair where Santa goes. The PTA is pretty much folded with the teachers leading it now, and just asking for volunteers. It’s nice when they bring home cool Christmas crafts though

  3. My little boy and your little boy seem to have very similar things going on! It s a lovely time of year.
    Although, my son has decided he doesn’t like school after all and seems to suffer with ‘tired legs that are too tired for school’ most days … hopefully one of these days he will understand that tired legs don’t warrant a day off!
    Anna x

    1. That’s a shame. I think more schools are doing forest schools, purely so it gets noted by Ofsted.

      I was worried about dinners and N not having enough to eat, but with the old delivered in meals, reception always got fed first, so the older ones didn’t get enough, but since they do free meals for the younger ones and have new catering in school, it’s a lot better, and they can ask for seconds.

    1. I guess N was used to all the activities anyway, because one of his nurseries had forest school, and lots of external teachers coming in to do activities with them.

    1. I think I’m going down the tabard style route for a tunic too. Means I just need to cut a head gap and then get a belt rather than having to sew.

    1. Ah well, pudding is important. Although N never remembers that…I can usually tell what he’s had at after school club for tea thanks to his mouth and jumper!

  4. I am glad he is enjoying school – Pickle starts in early years in January. He is in his playgroup nativity though – he is a King and has one line to say! Kaz x

  5. Glad he’s getting on so well at school. Took me ages to get the hang of all the phonic sounds when my oldest started school. This is my fav time of the school year, I’ve got a nativity and carol service to go to. Also as the boys are in the choir they are singing in th middle of town on Wednesday evening x

  6. Glad he’s getting on so well at school. Took me ages to get the hang of all the phonic sounds when my oldest started school. This is my fav time of the school year, I’ve got a nativity and carol service to go to. Also as the boys are in the choir they are singing in th middle of town on Wednesday evening x

  7. ah it sounds like hes doing fantastic… i always find that the school Christmas play always brings me to tears

  8. This time of year is a lovely time in school, with all the festivities starting. I think the scene from Love Actually is quite accurate where everyone is given a role even if it’s a lobster 😉

  9. I bet you are going to see so many difference in him when he begins the journey of learning. My nephew changed almost overnight with what he knew and he was so eager to learn x

  10. My little ones aren’t old enough yet but it sounds like good fun. Cant wait to see your villager tunic! What a good idea doing wristbands for the meals. Nice to know what they are eating and get a say in what they are picking

  11. I thought I had quite a lot with nursery at the moment but I can see it’s going to get even busier for my little one once she’s at school! We are having a Christmas concert and I’m so looking forward what my 16 months old girlie will be doing lol

  12. I am so excited for Riley to start “big school” next year so i can experience all of this. Sounds like N’s doing really well and settled in to his new routine nicely. xxx

  13. Sounds like he has been a busy boy, my daughter is loving learning all the new sounds and now writing words, it comes so quickly doesn’t it ?

    Her school has Forest School in it, I think we were hoping for so much more outdoor fun maybe come the Spring months x

  14. Hehe I love that he’s loving phonics. Z keeps writing random letters together then tells me to read it too. He tells he loves writing 🙂 we have a spelling test here each week at school so I’ve had to learn all the jolly phonics ways too. This week it’s a lot of words ending in “ck”. We’ve downloaded a few apps too which seem to help a bit.

    1. We’ve got reading Eggs, although the order of letters is different and we’re not very far through because we only do it when N wants to and only for 5 minutes a time. I should add some apps to my phone really, although he does like his flashcards.

  15. My kids are like that learning their nativity songs (I teach them all the songs) – they are brilliant at remembering them with the other kids AND with the proper accompaniment- singing at home, they’re missing a few of the ingredients so that’s probably why he can’t remember them all! I always teach my kids their nativity songs with actions to help aid their memory kinaesthetically as well!
    We have several non-speaking parts too and one child in my KS1 production is the door knocker! He has to listen to the script carefully and play his wood block at the same time! A surprisingly important role!!!
    IN KS2, we go to the church and sing songs with readers in between so easier to learn lines!!
    Forest school sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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