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Make pretty pictures with Frame Again

I spotted Frame Again a while ago and thought they looked like a great way of showing off photos.  I rarely print out photos and if I do they tend to either be put in photo albums, or are used for photobooks.  But I’ve cleared out my book shelves so there is now space for some photos.

I’ve recently been given the chance to review a Frame Again frame.  Of course the hardest part was deciding the photo to use.

Frame Again is a fairly basic website, and very easy to use.  You upload your photo into a frame template, then choose the frame colours you want.  I did have a few issues with my computer taking ages to upload photos to it, and initially the website didn’t like me trying to switch photos.  But I tried again on a different day and it all worked fine.

Frame Again frames are really fun.  You can choose the colours of your frame – both the front and the outer casing.  It was really hard to choose, trying to work out which room the frame would be put in, but in the end I went for dark blue and white because the frame will go perfectly in a child’s bedroom – when we get round to decorating N’s.

frame again delivery

They just come in a square size, so perfect for instagram square photos or you’d need to crop any other sized photo.  I did hear someone say their photo wasn’t the best quality picture before mine arrived, but I’d imagine that was down to the resolution of the photo in the first place.  As with any online photography company, you need to ensure the photo is the best quality it can be because they do come back a little toned down from perfect – I’m not sure whether uploading compresses them a bit.  My phone looked fine though so I was really pleased how it looked.

My first order did go astray. When it was despatched I didn’t get notification, although they do say a couple of days delivery when you order.  But no frame arrived.  I did eventually chase it, got an immediate voicemail back from customer services, and then an email to follow up and solve the issue which I was impressed about.  It had been despatched but no idea where it got to.  So another one was sent out, and I got it 2 days later recorded delivery.  Not many companies would solve a problem that well.

frame again frame

The frame itself is modern and minimalist, and feels quite solid although it’s a plastic material.  It was well packaged, and N was straight into the box, taking it from its sleeve and claiming it for himself.  The best thing is that the frames are magnetic so you can put several frames together – in front, beside or on top of each other.

My only concern was that the frame’s closure didn’t feel very secure.  If dropped it would pop open quite easily, so I think the magnets could be a little stronger on the gap.

I might buy myself a couple more frames in similar colours so they sit together in a threesome.  For £9.95 they’re a good price, great for gifts.

Do you print out photos?  How do you show them?


Disclosure:  I was sent a Frame Again for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Oohh I like these! I especially love that they’re perfect for Instagram photos, I have so many and nowhere to put them! #TriedTested xx

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