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Easy thrown together trifle

I love trifle. I can’t say it’s my favourite dessert (too many are my favourites), but it’s right up there with them.  But we only ever seem to eat it on special occasions.

But recently we had some on the turn strawberries and raspberries to use up and I fancied some custard for pudding, so I decided to make individual trifles.

Luckily I had the ingredients I needed in the larder and fridge, so it didn’t take long.  I call it a thrown together trifle, because it’s just a case of putting everything together and making sure it all cools and thickens in before putting the cream on.

easy thrown together trifles - Bubbablueandme

Ingredients for my easy thrown together trifle

Use as many as you need for the bowls or glasses you have, and for the number of people.

Trifle sponges
Apple & pomegranate ‘Appletiser’ – I had some leftover so used this.  Anything berry oriented is good to wet the trifle sponge
Custard – I used instant
Double or whipping cream
Chocolate shavings (optional)

How to make trifle

1, Briefly dip the trifle sponges into the liquid, then place into the bottom of dessert glasses.

making trifle - put the soaked sponges in

2, Mash up the raspberries. You could puree them smoother, but I prefer just mashing them.

mashed raspberries for trifle

3, Put the raspberries on top of the sponge.

4, Hull, slice or quarter the strawberries and layer those over the raspberries.

trifle preparation sponges and fruit

5, Make up the custard and leave to cool a bit in the jug. The custard needs to be fairly thick, so if you’re making instant, don’t put the full amount of water in.

6, Dollop the custard over the strawberries, put into the fridge to cool fully.

add the custard to the trifle

7, Whip cream and spread over or place on top of the custard.

8, Use a peeler to make chocolate shavings to sprinkle on top.

top view of individual trifles

9, Either put in fridge until serving or eat straight away.

finished individual trifles

Mine weren’t particularly neat and tidy, but it still works and tastes amazing.

N certainly agreed.  He did look worried at the size of it (admittedly it was rather on the large size) but gave it a good shot at eating it all.

eating delicious trifle

What do you add to your trifle?

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  1. Your trifle looks delicious, one of my favourite desserts too. I don’t make a trifle very often as OH doesn’t like them. Love the idea of an easy thrown together trife, next time I make some custard, I’ll save some to make an individual trifle for myself. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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