A bit of a foodie surprise post as I was just so astounded at finding this recipe and how it works. I’d been reading a Trisha Ashley book and in the back was a recipe relating to one that the heroine cooks for Microwave Meringues.  All very odd, but I’m all for trying out new shortcut recipes in the hope that they’ll be a success.

As it’s really hot weather at the moment, meringues sandwiched with whipped cream always goes down well with N and the OH but are a bit of a pain with the having to leave the meringues to cool etc.

Microwave meringues recipe

1 large egg white
300g icing sugar


  1. lightly beat the egg white
  2. sift in the icing sugar (I didn’t bother sifting – too much washing up needed!)
  3. Stir and it’ll get thick and end up like soft fondant icing.  The recipe said you may need more egg white or icing sugar to get the texture, but I found itjust the right amount
  4. On microwavable plate, put circle of greaseproof paper and spoon on balls of the mix 2 at a time.  I made the mistake of using too big a spoonful, or too many balls, so do still to only 2 ( teaspoon size was perfect).
  5. Blitz for 1 minute in the microwave (mine’s 800W, so adjust the time as required), leave to cool and repeat with the rest of the mix.

Then once cool you can do what you want with them.  The microwave magically enlarges them.  You could do one bigger spoon and have a pavlova. They’re definitely not like proper meringues which are crisper on the outside and gooey on the inside, rather they look more like the pure white shop bought ones.  And they’re really crumbly.

I decided the texture wasn’t suitable for sandwiching with cream, so crumbled some up and used in Eton Mess which they were great for.  I even took photos, but forgot to include the pictures on my upload and then deleted them, so no pics! If you want a quick pudding then I reckon they’re pretty clever (plus kids will probably love watching them expand in the microwave).  But I’ll be sticking to the normal meringue making in future for nests or pavlovas.


  1. I’ve never made meringues before as they always seemed to complicated but I think I might give this a go with my daughter tomorrow!
    ps visiting from BYOBH- sorry I’m late!

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