Animal sounds

Most children probably start with ducks, dogs or cats, but obviously being a farmer’s son the obvious ones to start recognising would be those he can see out the windows or when we go for a walk down to the yard.

So, sheep?….nope, he looks at me like I’m mad when I start baa-ing.  Although today he was jabbering to himself and there was what sounded like him singing ‘baa baa black sheep’.

Cows?  We’ve now, after a few weeks, got ‘ooo’ which I think relates to cows.

I think we had one attempt at a ‘gobble’ for his Gramps turkeys when I pointed to a picture in his farm book, but I can’t get him to even try ‘cluck’ or ‘cheep’ for the chickens or baby chicks that are currently sitting atop his Gran’s Aga.  He does love the birds a lot – always looks for those in his books.

But the other day we had ‘roar’ like a lion.  I think he just likes the sound especially as when his dad comes into a room to surprise him he always makes a roaring sound (no idea why, but luckily N’s not at the stage where he knows roaring animals are likely to be dangerous!)  I just pointed at the lion picture and said ‘roar’ and he started roaring back.  Very funny though, as it sounds more like ‘argghh’!

I wonder what sounds we’ll get next.

At the moment all ‘words’ are still ‘tractor’ or ‘og og’ (dog). Great when he’s pointing at the real life items, but not so great when it’s something else he’s trying to get our attention to.

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