boy about to kick a football in snowy garden wearing blue jeans and grey hoody

Having a 12 year old

Recently we’ve had another birthday. N’s now 12. It seems even to him that time is passing by in a flash. How have things changed with a 12 year old.

Evidently you never feel older until right before you have your birthday.

Of course there are the physical changes.  

Moving towards puberty. 

Getting taller (slowly).

The obsession with playing on the Xbox and watching Youtube videos. Videos of people cooking, which means he then tells me off about the way I cook. Or cute dog videos which get sent on to me.

Getting through a lot of deodorant and like the teenage boys back in the 90s, the yearning for Lynx.

Starting to think about having suitable shoes and clothes for socialising. Which means occasionally getting out of sportswear, and having ‘smart’ trainers rather than just trainers to do sports in.

The birthday where the party didn’t happen. Rather than a party, an informal 5 a side football was booked with getting burgers afterwards. Unfortunately the no football match day we booked on, then ended up having a match. He decided to cancel due to having lots of those attending in the team, and his strong sense of commitment to being part of the team. Sods law, the pitch was frozen so there was no match, and therefore no birthday football with his friends.  But a mature decision, and the first where he was the one messaging his friends to organise it.

The love of music, and certainly a wider appreciation than just the rock music he would have listened to previously. Now there’s some rap, some dance and a bit more of an eclectic mix. Most of which I’ve not heard before.

He still loves dogs, and has already said he wants to have a puppy next birthday. 

The interest in investing in cows and calves means he’s always trying to negotiate with family members to see what he can buy (or be given) to add to the couple he already has. Sadly his favourite lost her first calf, but he bounced back well, and was pragmatic in thinking about his options with her in future.

boy about to kick a football in snowy garden wearing blue jeans and grey hoody

School’s going well, although he does leave his homework til way too late for my liking. He’ll do impressions of teachers, but is still happy to show off work he’s proud of to me.

Football’s his sporting love, whether finding out facts, playing or watching (and giving his opinions). Tennis is still going on with better group sessions and fewer distractions. Although he does still have a moan on occasion (usually when the weather is too cold or looking like it’ll be wet).

Generally he’ll see the best in everything with a few moans along the way (I know where he gets that from).

Not forgetting the love of cooking and baking. He’s the mince pie and hot cross buns baker, the person who cooks the burgers and bacon, and will give a go at other foods too.

Now to enjoy the year of having a 12 year old. The last year before teenage years.

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    1. He didn’t get a party. It was cancelled for football match which was then cancelled due to the frozen pitch. So no party/get together yet. I’ve said he and some friends can go to the cinema and for food some other time.

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