milton keynes theatre entrance

Project 52 2023 week 3

It’s week 3 of the year and the week didn’t start well. Here’s our Project 52 round up.

Sunday wasn’t the best. N has a couple of calves (now heifers), and his favourite had a stillborn calf. He was gutted.  Then we heard that the day only Saturday free of football matches that we’d put N’s birthday celebration on, now has a football match. Given he’d invited quite a few of the team, he’s decided to cancel – he said he’d rather play in the team, and it avoids his friends having to make the decision as well. But I’m just praying that it doesn’t get called off due to waterlogged pitches again. That will be horrendous bad luck.

On Monday the weather got cold again. I had meetings pretty much all day at work. N’s tennis is now a bit later; it was so cold (-1C when we arrived, -4C when we left according to my car), the grass was all crispy to walk on when we arrived.

Tuesday felt like we should have been much further through the week. Nothing of interest today happened.

On Wednesday there was a bit of snow. Just about 5 minutes of it. Hopefully we won’t get any more this week. I was in the office which was great, sad to say bye to an old line manager, but nice to meet lots of new people and catch up with others.  We went out for a leaving lunch – good food and for once the service was a good speed too.

Thursday was a flexi day for me. I spent it in Milton Keynes – a bit of browsing the shops, a lot of sitting in coffee shops, reading and eating. In the evening I went to the theatre to see Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty. A contemporary version of the ballet, the dancing was great, the theatre had a great view, and lots of leg room which is better than Oxford theatre.

On Friday it was another mad day at work. I was still working well after my usual early Friday finish, so N had to cook tea. It was a cold tennis lesson to watch, but nice to see al the parents staying for a chat now it’s only an hour long.

Saturday, N’s football was cancelled due to frozen pitches – just as we were about to leave. Frustrating given we’d cancelled N’s 5 a side football ‘party’ due to the match going in the diary. It meant it was a lazy day at home instead, but he had a few family members pop in to see him, and it was Dominos requested for tea.

milton keynes theatre entrance

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  1. I am sorry to hear that N’s favourite heifer had a stillborn, it is nice that he cares though. Hope he is feeling happier soon. I have never been to the ballet, I would love to though

  2. So sorry that one of N’s cows had a stillborn calf. What a shame about the football match being on the same day as N’s birthday celebrations and then not going ahead after all because of frozen pitches after you cancelled it. Hope N enjoyed his lazy day at home with Dominos for tea. #project365

  3. Oh no! That is awful about the calf. So sorry and the birthday party too, what a shame you cancelled and then the football was cancelled too. It sounds like a busy week at work and cold at the tennis. Happy birthday to N. x

    1. Sods law really. I know if we’d left the party in, of course the match would have been on then the coach wouldn’t have been happy / they’d probably not have had a team out (or N wouldn’t have had people turn up for his 5 a side. Such a hard decision to make.

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