Stair gate issue

Uh oh.  N can open the stair gate at the top of the stairs.

Ok, so not actually open it, but he can just wrench it open.  Methinks the OH needs to do some tending to it to see if we can get it better at stopping him because I couldn’t see what we could do.

He can go quite safely up and down the stairs, but does have a tendency to not concentrate if someone appears and starts talking, or decides to strip off his trousers half way down.  So I don’t really want to remove it totally.

It would be more worrying if he was climbing out of his cot or was now in the cotbed without the sides on, as then we’d have to have something across his door or stronger across the stairs, but we don’t have to worry about that just yet.  I’m not sure for how long though, as he’s been moaning about going to bed and keeps shoving his leg up the side.  He has got relatively short legs so I think we’ve got a while before he can actually manage it.

Anyone has any tips about maintaining stair gate safety, please do let me know.

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