Testing the popcorn maker

Review: Popcorn maker

I was very excited to receive this popcorn maker to review.  I sometimes fancy popcorn, go out and buy the microwave stuff, then never actually make it.  But this sounded so easy and healthy with no oil used, I thought it would encourage me to make some.  With Christmas party season coming up and a few dos, I’m planning to tag along with my new machine to share it with my friends.

The popcorn maker doesn’t take up a lot of room, there’s not lots of different pieces to put together, you just put the kernels in using the measure, add the plastic top part, put some butter in the measure and slot that in (it melts as the popcorn cooks), and turn it on.  Couple of minutes later and you’ve got amazing popcorn pushed out into the waiting bowl.

We used it this afternoon so N could watch the magic of it.  He has popcorn as a snack at nursery sometimes, so I thought it would be great him being able to see it made.  It really was simple.  I did find you really feel the heat coming out of the machine though, more than I thought it would.  I also wasn’t sure whether it would turn itself off when finished or if I had to turn it off (I think I did) – maybe the instructions could be clearer.

From only 1/2 cup measure of kernels (not included in the pack), you get a huge bowl full.  We just poured over the melted butter and then sprinkled on a little sugar.  Because it doesn’t cook the corn in oil, it’s a dry heat method of cooking which is healthier.  I think I was allowed a bit of sugar.  (I’m already picking out what flavours I fancy trying next – cinnamon looks like being the next, although there are lots of savoury flavour ideas online).

Testing the popcorn maker
Making popcorn

We also took a bag of it (I wasn’t using up the cinema style boxes that were included) over to my father-in-law as he’s a bit of a popcorn fan too.  He and N were quite happy picking away at the bag of it.

The popcorn maker’s just one of the cool items that ParamountZone sells that would be perfect for a Christmas gift.  I reckon the rotating globe would be one of my favourites – I want to make sure N has a globe when he’s a bit older so he can get excited about geography which was one of my favourite.  I’ve used the website a few times in the past for those quirky gifts for hard to buy for people.

I was sent a popcorn maker and popcorn bags to review from www.paramountzone.com but all views are my own.

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  1. Nice post. I felt the same excitement when I had my first popcorn maker. Isn’t it cool that with this machine at home we can enjoy the all-time favorite theater food anytime we want?

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