Eating out in Eastbourne - Bubbablue and me

Eating out in Eastbourne – Mo Mambo, Harry Ramsden

When I’m on holiday I always prefer to do bed and breakfast, and then enjoy eating out at difference places in the evening, and grabbing a quick sandwich somewhere for lunch.  It’s a bit more of a treat, although on longer holidays we might take lunch with us as well.

Eastbourne wasn’t short of places to eat out in the evenings – with foods from all over the world, although some areas of the town where restaurants were didn’t feel too comfortable given the number of people loitering outside on the pavements by some.  Not really what you want when on holiday with children and not knowing a town.

I’d assumed that most places open at 6pm so we’d always headed for a walk and scoot along the seafront first to distract N from being too hungry while we waiting.  But we did see quite a few places open earlier which is great if you’re out with young children.

Eating out in Eastbourne - Bubbablue and me

Mo Mambo Italian restaurant

The first evening we decided on Italian and ended up in Mo Mambo‘s italian cantina not far from the sea front.  The décor was quite dark, but contemporary, and the staff were really friendly.  I was asked if we wanted to be able to see the tv for N to watch it, but he’s perfectly capable of being entertained without a tv for a meal so we sat the other side in a booth, with another family behind us returning for a second visit – always a good sign.

mo mambo restaurant menu

Children have their own menu (plus colouring/activity sheet and pencils to keep them entertained).  The menu was a main meal, ice cream and drink for £6.50.  Relating that to big chains it seemed similar price, although there’s no starters.  Mind you, the main portion – he chose pasta – was generous.  I was amazed N could eat it all but he did.  Followed by 2 (!) scoops of ice cream which he also demolished.  The waitress checked when I wanted his food bringing out – with my starter or main, which was nice to get the choice.

checking out the mo mambo kids menu

kids pasta at mo mambo

Part of the 2 course set menu for £10.90, I chose a mozzarella and tomato salad which looked beautiful and tasted even better, followed by spaghetti carbonara (definitely a treat meal out, deciding to give up my diet while on holiday).  The latter was really tasty too, although a little large for me.  Sometimes it would be nice to have a slightly smaller main mean portion alongside a small side salad as an alternative to just a bit bowl of pasta.

mozzarella salad at mo mambo

mo mambo restaurant

Without the staff hovering over, they looked after us well and we didn’t have to wait ages to get their attention or the bill.   If we’re in the area again, we’d definitely go back.

Harry Ramsden’s

I’m not a big fan of fish and chips, but N loves it, so if we’re at a seaside town we do have one fish and chip shop meal.  In Eastbourne I decided Harry Ramsden’s would be a good bet because we could be sure there’d be alternatives to fish for me on the menu.

The décor is fun with a 1950s feel and again we were able to sit in a booth which I really like over an open table and chairs, although it did mean not being near the windows.  The staff were ok, although not particularly cheery which sometimes you’d like especially when you’ve got children with you.  A little bit of interaction is nice to make you feel more welcome.

checking the menu at Harry Ramdsen

The children’s menu was a little meh in my view.  Yes there was fish, but it was little nuggety things, or sausage or pizza.  Not particularly inpsiring when I compare it to what N had to choose from at Rockfish.  Really he just wanted a mini fish like he has at the chippy back home, but he was happy enough with the choice anyway, once he realised it was fish and not chicken!

chips at harry ramsdens

I had a burger – they all come in pretzel style buns so something a little different.  Both of our chips portions were generous enough, and there were plenty of drinks options.

As soon as we got our food, N had a gripe on because his sore throat and ears were hurting, and he said he couldn’t eat.  I wasn’t going to have mine go cold so we got the remainder of his to take away (in a box that didn’t shut, but at least it was an options).

For a big company, it would have been nice to have a bit more pep from the staff to go along with the wonderful décor.  I kind of wished they’d come out Grease style on roller skates, or a juke box, but maybe that wouldn’t cater for the main demographic that visits them in Eastbourne.

If the weather had been better in the evenings, maybe we’d have risked eating open chips on the seafront in front of a few seagulls, but if you want to eat in then the meal is fine at Harry Ramsden’s.

Are there any restaurants you’ve visited in Eastbourne or nearby that you’d recommend?

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  1. That salad looks lovely, I often choose salads when we eat out now – especially if we’re having two or three courses x

    1. Definitely a good option for starter, although I usually want something more substantial for main. They’re great once the weather’s warmer though, and makes me feel more virtuous!

  2. That salad looks lovely, I often choose salads when we eat out now – especially if we’re having two or three courses x

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