Printing photos with cheerz - Bubbablue and me

Printing photos with Cheerz

I always mean to print out more photos and never get round to it, but when Cheerz got in touch to ask if I wanted to try them, I had no excuse not to do so.

Printing photos with cheerz - Bubbablue and me

With Instagram and a new love for square photographs, there’s a great opportunity for using online apps and websites like Cheerz for printing photos of all the pictures I’ve shared on social media.  I decided on the retro photobooth style photo strips, a Cheerz box and 9 magnets.

Using Cheerz

Using Cheerz was really easy.  I prefer to use my laptop, and using the website was really easy although thanks to my web connection it did take a while to upload all the high res photos I wanted to use.  You just choose the product you want, then upload a variety of photos, edit and if it’s the photo strips then you can reorder by dragging and dropping to get the right photos grouped together.

creating Cheerz photo strips

I don’t do much to edit most of my photos but there were a few I needed to rotate.  There’s numerous editing options, but it’s a lot faster to edit first before uploading.  If you upload from your instagram or facebook (bearing in mind that the latter compresses when you upload to it), then you probably don’t need to edit, but I did rotate a few and centralise some others.

Cheerz app filters

Then you save each product after choosing your photos, repeat for any other products and then go to checkout to pay, which you can do with paypal or debit/credit card.

Obviously I didn’t use my phone or tablet to use the app, but I had no problems with the site crashing which I find so often happens with other photo services.  It was a nice simple process, and with super speedy delivery from France.  I did find it a little annoying to have 3 items ordered, but they were all delivered separately.  But that’s only a minor gripe.

I love the products I choose.

The magnets

You can choose 9 or additional magnets, they’re around 3 inches square with rounded corners and are sent in a little gift box.  I’m debating ordering another set for my best friend for her birthday because they’re a great little gift.

As well as the 9 I choose, there were also a couple of extra ‘word’ magnets to add to the collection.  Our fridge is a little overloaded with magnets (damn those alphabet letters taking over), but at least these are a little classier so hopefully the OH will appreciate them rather than moan.

Cheerz photo magnets

N and I love them, so I’m going to have to try and stop him from stealing them to stick wherever he can find!

Photo strips

Think back to the years when you and your friends crammed themselves into photo booths in town to get a strip of photos, and you’ll get the idea of the Cheerz photo strips.  I chose 40 photos, reordered them in themes, chose a font and added the text, and they arrived in 2 protective slim ‘folders’.  I’d chosen white surround, but there were different colour options (the black also looked good) or a mix of colours.

Cheerz photo strips

N loves these ones.  I did a couple for my best friend with her son and N as ‘god-brothers’ enjoying days out, and then 1 for N with photos of him with his various best friends.  Straight away N walked off with one of them, got out his paper and pens and started drawing an outdoor scene, like the one in one of the photos.  So my little artist inspired by photos.  Well, everyone has to start somewhere.

drawing inspired by photos

If you had a lot of photos from a holiday or big family event, you could get lots of these strips printed and then put them in a big photo frame together at angles and make a great present for someone, or make an impact on the wall.

Cheerz box

I also chose a Cheerz box.  You can choose 30-45 photos, the size (either with a text area in polaroid style, or not), the surrounding colour, edit them, choose the box, then print.  There are only 2 box options but they’re both fairly neutral but bold, and keep the photos well protected.

Cheerz box and photos

The printing on all the products came out really clear and true to colour.  One of the fonts I chose didn’t look the same on screen as how it turned out, so do zoom in to check if you want to make sure you’ve chose right when you order.  The delivery is so quick – I think it only took a couple of days to arrive – impressive when you think how much you pay to get that turnaround in store and that’s without delivery being included.

The prices vary according to the product you choose but range from £6.50 to £25.  If you want to try the Cheerz treatment for printing photos, you can use the referral code EMMTURW to get £4 off your first order.


Disclosure:  I was gifted a voucher to use Cheerz for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh wow! I LOVE the photo strips, they look great! I have SO many photos I need to print, the photo strips would be great. I’m going to to check cheerz out, thank you for sharing. xx

  2. oh these look fab. I’ve not heard of this brand before but love the look of the pictures and might have to have a go myself. Angela from Daysinbed xx

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