Oxford lights and buildings

Project 366 2016 week 16

This week felt like it really zoomed by.  Probably because we were excited about me getting my new car.  Here’s this week’s Project 366, week 16, a photo a day for a year.

On Sunday, N had a play date with his best friend at the local soft play.  I had some vouchers for 2 adults and 2 children – it’s all the better when you don’t pay for something.  This white board there is a great idea with lots of different activities and drawing or writing opportunities for children there.  As you can see, neither were that interested in writing anything specific.

Drawing on a soft play area white board

This week has been disastrous in diet terms.  I’ve eaten what I wanted, I’ve not done my meal replacements and there’s been quite a lot of chocolate and cake involved.  My lunches however have been relatively healthy – I’ve discovered a delicious new green from M&S, plus added a boiled egg and their yummy Charlotte potato salad that I love.  I’d aimed to lose another stone by my friend’s 40th party in May, but I think going on this week’s eating habits, even getting back on plan again, losing half a stone is a little more realistic.

healthy salad lunch

We’re back learning words and doing his reading after school, although the word thing is going slowly.  When N’s had a few goes at blending, the next time when he’s trying to recognise it straight out, he’ll take the word, hide on the floor under the table and think it through in his mind before saying what he thinks the word is.  All fine, apart from it sometimes taking a lot time!  This was Tuesday

learning flashwords

On Wednesday it was a monthly freestyle night at dancing in Oxford.  The walk back to the car afterwards was dark and fairly quiet.  I decided I wanted to try and get a photo of the college walls all lit up.  This didn’t quite go to plan  – it certainly wasn’t what the eye could see but I quite like the photo that came out on my phone.

Oxford lights and buildings

I always try and get out for a brief lunchtime walk where possible otherwise there’s no hope of me hitting my 10k steps a day. On Thursday I spotted this cute VW campervan parked up.  While I’m not sure I’d want one, even to go on holiday with, they do make you smile when you see them and brighten up your day.

retro flower campervan

On Friday it was a manic afternoon.  I picked N up from school, then we headed in Oxford to pick up and buy my new car.  It wasn’t that smooth because we had to hang around for a while past our appointment while the salesman was finishing off with another person.  Then all the paperwork, then switching bags over from the old car to the new one, and we left getting caught in the rush hour traffic.

The diesel they’d put in the car for me didn’t last as long as they’d said it would so we stopped off for diesel where my card was refused at the till.  I knew the bank had authorised the car payment so it shouldn’t have been a problem, but 15 minutes on the phone in the petrol station mortified while everyone went and paid past me, and I was told it wasn’t my card that was the problem, but Visa who’d stopped further purchases due to a daily maximum being reached.  It’s great that these things are kept an eye on, but when you’ve checked with the bank before spending a big amount of money, you presume it shouldn’t be a problem. Annoyingly the cash I had wasn’t quite enough so I had to fill in a non-payment form to leave the forecourt, went and got cash out the machine and returned to pay it.

We were really late by this point and I’d promised fish and chips for tea – of course there was a queue.  N got excited and entertained himself while we queued, thanks to the blue lights under the counter!  It was a serious rush by the time we got home to get food, for me to get ready to go out and head to dancing.

blue lights at the fish and chip shop

On Saturday it was a mooching day. After a late evening for both N and me, it was just an early swimming lesson, food shopping and not much else.  N wanted to push the trolley at the supermarket. Of course I should have realised it was only so he could get close to all the toys.

choosing toys in Tesco

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  1. Oh good grief at the nightmare with the petrol, but glad you all got home with the car and the fish and chips.
    Love that camper van, very retro.
    A lot of times pictures on the camera do not show the full beauty of the subject.

  2. Love the pink camper van!
    The reading blending thing takes a while, it’s all a bit strange for them but then it clicks and they make huge leaps!

  3. Friday sounds like a right flaff, while it’s good they keep an eye on things it would also be handy to get a call or message to let you know you’d reached your limit.
    I hate soft play centres and the like, do they really think adults would go to these places if they didn’t have children and then charge them so much?

    1. I agree, although I suppose it was VISA and not my bank, so they’d have no way of telling me. But the bank should have mentioned when I called about Visa having a limit.

      I’m with you on soft play although thankfully we don’t pay more than £1 at peak times for adults at ours. Unlike some adventure parks where you’re paying the same amount as kids even though you’re effectly there just to chaperone.

  4. Oh I bet Friday was so stressful! But the plus side is the new car! Your lunch looks delicious and I would not worry too much about the diet, we all have days like that! Hope you have a good week x #project366

    1. Yes the new car is fab. The diet’s been poor all week, topped off with 3 magnums in 2 days. Oops. Back to it on Monday though.
      You have a good week too Kirsty.

  5. That’s exactly why my younger one wants to accompany me on shopping trips, so that he can persuade me to stop in the toys shops, or look at the toys in a big supermarket.
    Good luck with sticking to your diet! I need to brace myself and go on a diet, definitely need to lose a few kilos before we go to the seaside in August. My problem is that I love bread too much.

    1. It’s so hard to get started on a diet but good luck with yours. Mine’s restarting this week- it’s going to be a big sugar headache!

  6. Oh my goodness, I would have hated that with the diesel and the Visa. It must have been horrible. Glad you’ve got your new car though.
    It must be exhausting having N going under the table to think about his words.

    1. It was embarrassing. I guess it’s a once in a lifetime occurrence though due to this. Thankfully it wasn’t actually my card that was the issue.

      N’s so funny with his words. Takes so much longer. It’s like he can’t have me seeing his thought progress.

  7. We found the blending thing incredibly slow and it actually seemed to hold him back from reading properly. We went back to learning words by recognition for a bit and it seemed to get him a breakthrough.

    1. I think the blending makes sense, but it takes so long. We’re not having much luck with just recognition, so blending it’ll have to be.

  8. I thought that pink campervan was your new car for a second. How groovy would that have been 🙂 hope the new one is good though! It’s so funny how kids learn in so many different ways. I always tend to see a huge leap in z in the holidays. When he’s not actively learning anything. Weird isn’t it?

    1. It’s cute isn’t it.

      I nearly died of embarrassment, but to be fair, the staff were really nice about it. I’m loving the car so far.

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