Doolally hour

My friends and I always used to refer to the time between 4 til bedtime as the witching hour, as it was always the time that the babies started screeching – for food, for playtime, for sleep etc.  We had a clear routine, but even so, I still found trying to prepare tea while N was moaning for seemingly no reason was a nightmare during this time.

But now, post tea, we have totally the opposite.  It’s seems to be mad hour, usually starting when OH gets in from work.

N just goes absolutely doolally.  Even if OH doesn’t encourage it.

He runs from room to room, runs round in circles, removes his trousers, tips his jigsaw puzzle out, climbs up and down on the sofa.  It’s like having a labrador pup in the house.

All very funny, but he does drive me insane sometimes just running room to room when it’s meant to be chilling out time.

Thankfully it doesn’t seem to impact bedtime…maybe because he’s exhausted himself by that stage!

What mad things do your little one’s get up to?

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