Luxury christmas gift hamper review - Bubbablue and me
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Enjoy a luxury Christmas gift hamper from Prestige Hampers

Mention a Christmas gift hamper or luxury hamper to someone, and it conjures up thoughts of posh shops and food.  Hampers that you dreamed of when browsing gift catalogues, and unusual foods and drinks that you fancied trying.  We were sent a luxury Christmas hamper to review from Prestige Hampers, and it hasn’t disappointed.

Luxury christmas gift hamper review - Bubbablue and me

When I think of hampers, I usually think of willow picnic hampers, but nowadays hampers come in all shapes and sizes.  We were sent the Best of Britain hamper in a fabulous Union Jack suitcase style trunk.  It was all I could do to stop N sitting on it and grabbing everything he could find in there.

I’ll be keeping the trunk for room decoration afterwards, although it might work quite well in a blue and white themed boys room (if I ever get round to decorating N’s room!).  It also reminded me of my old fashioned trunk I used to take to my 6th form boarding school – unfortunately I didn’t have a tuck box like some of the younger children had.  But this hamper could definitely replace a tuck box trunk.

The one thing that’s often put me off buying a gift hamper is that I’m fussy and wouldn’t want to buy one with the wrong items in that someone won’t enjoy.  This luxury hamper was themed around Best of Britain with a selection of British based food and drinks, all with a bit of luxury.

opening a british food christmas hamper

christmas hamper and a happy boy

Examples included teas, soft drinks including a non-alcoholic mulled punch, Yorkshire crisps, shortbread, chocolates (that N has already decided I’m giving him for Christmas – in his dreams!), jars of preserves, oatcakes, a Christmas cake slab and more.  We kept digging inside the hamper to find more emerging.  And of course that’s meant we now can’t get everything back in.  Oops, no passing it on to anyone else as a gift now.

It’s a lovely mix of items, some for more everyday treats like breakfast, others that are perfect for the holiday season.  I might even divvy the items up and take some to friends’ houses when if we’re invited out.

christmas gift hamper products

When the food inside is finished, the hamper itself is always useful.  Here’s my potential uses for a Christmas hamper afterwards:

  • Shabby chic décor – buy some more and pile them up in the corner of a room
  • Use as a toy box, or
  • A craft supplies box
  • Fancy dress box
  • Declutter your favourite books into it
  • Storing old journals
  • Pass it on as another homemade Christmas hamper gift
  • Lend it to a local theatre company or school for shows
  • Use it as a cat box (just keep the lid open)
  • Storing Christmas decorations

I’m definitely going to think more about buying Christmas gift hampers for people.  With the range that’s available nowadays, and at different price points, there’s got to be something for those hard to buy for people.

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