keto meals diet progress week 5

Diet progress and keto meals week 5

This week’s been a frantic one, and a challenge with having to eat out while on a keto diet.  I’ve also had to prepare food early for the OH and N’s tea, when I needed to be off out to the theatre, so it’s been hard to know what I can do for myself without it being ridiculously early. Pre-diet, I’d probably just have grabbed something to eat on the way to the theatre, or when I arrived at the café. But even salads are hard to find without carbs in. So many have pasta or noodles included. 

keto meals diet progress week 5

My INR was back to only a smidge outside range so that’s good.  Although crikey, it took 4 attempts before the machine worked so I have bruised fingers from all the pricks done.

My healthy highlight this week has been checking my resting heart rate on my fitbit*.  It’s reduced by around 10 so it’s back where it used to be. The nurse hadn’t been concerned before, but it had been higher than what it was when I weighed less. So it’s good to see it back at a good healthy rate rather than glimpsing too high.

My Fitbit’s also telling me my cardio health has moved up as well, although as I’ve not done more than a couple of wanders out at lunchtime, and walking up the 4 flights of stairs at work an extra once a day, it’s still nowhere near as good as it should be.  I need to get back to exercise, but I want to get to my first target before I go back dancing.

Until then, I’ll play a bit of tennis on Sundays when the weather allows, with N, and try and get out at lunchtimes for a bit of walking around town. Anything is better than nothing.

Lunches have been as normal – leftovers, salads etc.

Examples of dinners I’ve had this week

  • Chicken pad thai
  • Meatballs, tomato sauce and cheese with courgetti
  • Omelette with cheese, pepper and tomatoes
  • Stuffed sausages with mozzarella and tomato sauce, leftover stirfry veg on the side (weird combination
  • Roast chicken with veg
  • Beef stew and veg

Eating out was a challenge. I’m quite a fussy eater when it comes to eating out – the pub we went to is big on fish (I don’t like fish generally), I’m not a big fan of hunks of meat, and sauces are generally OTT. My fall back there is usually a burger. This time I had it without the bun and had salad instead of chips. The OH hates when I’m fussy about ordering meals without items or with sauce on the side, but as it is I’d be eating a lot later than usual, and didn’t want to wreck my diet for the sake of just eating what I’m given.

How has your healthy eating been going?

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  1. Oooo I’m doing this too at the moment. Started to lose a few pounds quick to fit in a dress but loving that I don’t always feel hungry. Had a nightmare when I went out. They basically gave me a lettuce leaf to replace the chips 🙁

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