Mini eggs fudge easter treats recipe

Easter fudge – easy mini eggs fudge recipe

Try this easy microwave mini eggs fudge recipe to keep everyone happy in the run up to Easter

I always say Easter is my undoing if I’m on a diet. Mini eggs, creme eggs, other Easter novelty treats, they call out to me. So as I’m not back on my diet again (I should be), I decided I’d get in some fudge making before I start back being healthier again.  This time it was an Easter fudge, an easy mini eggs fudge recipe made in the microwave.

If you’ve never made fudge, don’t go thinking this is the authentic way. To me it doesn’t matter. Easy microwave fudge is just chocolate and sweetened condensed milk plus whatever fillings (and optionally a bit of vanilla extract if you want), and it’s ready to set in under 5 minutes. 

You can use the same ingredients to make it as a slow cooker fudge – just leave the chocolate and condensed milk on high in the slow cooker with the lid off, beating it when there’s crust on top twice. But microwave fudge is so fast and makes just as nice a fudge. 

cadbury mini egg fudge in glass bowl

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You will need to allow for chilling time, and sometimes this type of fudge can go a bit soft when left out of the fridge for too long. If you’re not using wet additional ingredients, it’s more stable, but I’d recommend storing it in the fridge if you’re not eating it.

I tend to half the quantities otherwise it would just get eaten so quickly, but that means I can try more flavours. I just store the other half of the condensed milk in the fridge – sometimes the OH and N will add it to fruit with ice cream for a pudding (urgh, just too much sweetness for me), or it keeps for a while until I want to make more fudge.

But if you’ve a larger family, or want to give fudge as gifts, then make the amount in the recipe below. It does make a great gift as an alternative to Easter eggs.

What equipment do you need

Equipment wise, you only need a microwave safe jug or bowl, a spoon for beating it, greaseproof or baking paper and a 20 cm/8 inch square metal or silicone baking tin. I just use whatever tupperware container I have, or you can use glass of similar size. Just make sure you line in for ease of removing the fudge once it’s set.

How to make easy mini egg fudge

This mini egg fudge is so simple. You just melt the chocolate chips or squares into the condensed milk in the jug until it gets thick and is easily coming away from the sides.

chocolate and condensed milk

Then stir in the mini eggs.  I used Cadbury Mini Eggs because they are the best, but you could use Smarties orange eggs or even the Aero mint mini eggs if you can get hold of them.  I put them in whole (you can crush some up if wanted) and mixed them in. Then I pushed some in the top once in the tray ready to set. 

Cadbury mini eggs put into micrwave fudge
unset microwave mini egg fudge

Put the fudge in the fridge to chill for 2-3 hours. When it’s ready to serve, cut into small squares.

ready to eat mini egg fudge

If you’re giving this mini egg fudge as a gift, you can get cellophane bags and tie with a ribbon. Although I prefer finding nice tins which can be reused (just line with some baking paper) or cardboard sweet boxes. Much easier for storing in the fridge.

Head over to check out my other fudge recipes, all done in the microwave meaning it’s fast to get setting.

What’s your favourite Easter treat or fudge flavour?

Easy Mini Eggs Fudge

A chocolatey Easter treat, try this easy microwave 3 ingredient mini eggs fudge

Course Dessert, Snack
Keyword chocolate, fudge, microwave
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Chill time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours 4 minutes
Author Emma


  • 397 g condensed milk tin
  • 400 g milk chocolate chips or broken into chunks, cheaper own brand is fine
  • 100-150 g Mini eggs I used Cadbury, but you could use other mini eggs of choice
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional, if using, add another 50g of chocolate_


  1. Break the chocolate into the condensed milk in a microwaveable jug or bowl

  2. Microwave in bursts to melt the chocolate and stir each time until it’s thickened and comes away easily from the sides of the jug

  3. Add the vanilla if using and beat again.

  4. Add half the mini eggs and mix in.

  5. Pour into a lined tin then top with more mini eggs

  6. Leave on the side to cool down a bit, then put in the fridge to set uncovered. (with mini eggs you don’t want condensation getting them or the fudge  wet, so only cover once set)

  7. Once set after 2-3 hours, remove when ready to eat or gift and cut into small squares

Recipe Notes

The fudge will keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks

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Mini eggs fudge easter treats recipe

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  1. Ohh! I love mini eggs and mini eggs in fudge is just amazing!
    I have said to my youngest we’re going to spend some time in the kitchen cooking up some yummy treats and fudge is a great idea.

    1. I love fudge because you can make it so quickly. (apart from setting time), it’s easy for children. And they can get creative. Split the condensed milk and ingredients in half, use smaller containers, then you can make 2 different varieties at once.

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