Baby medicine essentials and healthcare

It’s really scary when your baby’s ill and, for me, I really hate sick.  There are certain baby medicine essentials and healthcare items that make it less concerning when your baby is ill.

Of course, the main thing to remember is keep your medicine cabinet or drawer of piills high up and away from little hands, especially once they’re capable of crawling and climbing. My brother was only 2 when he managed to pull a chair over to the worktop, and was found sitting on top with my nan’s handbag open and pill bottle open (despite the childproof lid).

Here’s my helpful health essentials that we found useful when we had a baby.

medicine cabinet essentials for babies

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Medicine essentials for babies

1. Digital thermometer. We have one that goes in the ear, the same type that the doctors near us have. It’s not just for babies, and it’s hygienic because it has little disposable plastic protectors for the pointy bit that gets put in the ear. It’s easy to use, the batteries last for ages, and it’s been pretty reliable. Definitely worth spending a little more on a battery one, rather than an old fashioned thermometer. Nowadays the no contact ones are also popular (probably more so post Covid times. Although we stick with our in ear one at home. This is the updated in ear themometer similar to ours.

2. Calpol. For bringing down a fever.

3. Nurofen – pain relief, alternative to Calpol. We found Nurofen worked better, but they can’t have it more than a couple of times a day, vs Calpol more frequently. You can use both types alternatively, but check the details on the pack or with the pharmacist.

4. Nasal aspirators are satisfying but pretty gross. It’s much easier to use a little finger nail to remove offending bogeys if within reach. My friends and I all agree!

5. Sudocrem / Bepanthum / egg whites. Each has their role to play with nappy rash. We had a couple of tubs of Sudocrem but never got to the bottom of the tubs. With really sore teething nappy rash, whipped egg whites were the only thing that worked for us.

6. Prune puree. If you have a child susceptible to constipation, then a few prunes should do the job.

Other tips for snuffly babies

  • Nasal saline sprays (make sure baby stays still otherwise you’ll hit their eyes!)
  • Raise the head of their bed
  • A bowl of hot water with vicks in the room
  • Sit or lie your baby in the bathroom while you run a hot shower all work to clear a blocked nose and help them sleep.

What baby medicine essentials and healthcare tips would you include on your list?

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