Bad day to start the week – ill baby

Quite a worrying day yesterday for a new mum. Firstly it was the day of N’s 12 week jabs. But before that we had to contend with diarrhoea and an exploding nappy.

It was such a shame as he’d slept a huge 12 hours and 15 minutes then had had his first feed given to him by his 9 year old cousin. Quite a treat for both of them, and a sleep treat for me.

So potent nappy, quick change and off to jabs with the nurse.  Last time was less painful with less crying, but as afterwards we had more diarrhoea, plus vomiting in late afternoon it was obvious that the poor boy wasn’t well.  Also for a baby who usually drinks a lot more than the average recommendation to be off their feeds, it was worrying. A call to NHS direct was a relief as they assured me he’d be fine for 24 hours but of he was still having symptoms the next day to see a doctor.  A hellish night followed…high temperature brought down gradually by Calpol, 3 hourly waking again, sick in his cot, sick over me twice, all resulting in the pair of us sleeping in the living room with N in his swing chair.

Today, water stayed down and he’s asking for milk although only taking a small amount.  Slightly up and down temperature which I think’s down to the jabs, so a visit to the doctor just to check his rehydration is due.

It’s so sad to see him not his usual self, although the smiles are coming back.  We’ve hopefully made it through the other side of the bug and hope he avoids another bug for a long time.  I don’t think anyone likes having an ill baby.

The state of the day wasn’t helped by OH’s dog being ill. She is old and arthritic, but as she was born pretty much as we met, she’s grown up alongside our relationship.

How did your babies cope with their jabs?

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