Easter bonnets and costumes

Easter and more

We celebrated Easter two weekends in a row…let’s face it, where chocolate’s involved that’s not a bad thing!

The weekend before, we hosted our latest NCT group get together.  It was great to see everyone again as we only have Friday afternoons at swimming now I’m back at work, and that’s not really a great chance to chat and catch up.  Also, being Easter, it was chance to dress the kids up again.  Easter bonnets galore, although I have to admit that N’s was a bit half hearted and girly with flowers on!

As usual everyone brought along bits & pieces of food, I’d made roasted veg and sausages, so people could have with foccacia and other nice bits of bread, plus salads etc that everyone brought with them.  Of course there was cake (well, easter biscuits in ‘grassy’ cake), and chocolate button packets for the toddlers to find in their easter egg hunt.

We were so lucky with the weather as well, it was the final week of the gorgeous weather, and it was perfect for letting the kids out in the garden to play and run around.  Add to the mix, Pimms for the parents, so it was a lovely afternoon.  Even the dogs popped round to see what was going on; I was relieved that there were no screams from the children or an overexcited pup to deal with.

N loved having his friends round to play with.  He’s so good as he never seems worried by other children playing with his toys.  It was quite amusing when he was checking out who was in his Cosy Coupe car though.

Easter weekend itself was family tea as usual, although instead of being at Granny’s, it was at OH’s sisters; helped celebrate one of the nephews & niece’s birthdays earlier that week as well.  N loves being with his older cousins, although they were largely off doing mad things on the trampoline.  He was quite happy pottering around and discovering the wooden Thomas train set that had been set up.

I think the thing he likes best about big family get togethers is that it usually involves a big meal with several choices for dessert including cake.  Think that day he had a bit of lemon easter cake off Granny, small bit of chocolate brownie, and a bit of my trifle.  And all of that after a good plateful of beef bourgignon with veg & mashed potato.

It did mean a late night out for him though.  A full hour after bedtime, he eventually got to bed, and made it hard for us to wake him at 7.15 the next morning.  Thankfully he didn’t get ratty, and the missed sleep didn’t seem to impact him the next day either.  He’s just on form – no teeth or growth spurt happening at the moment.

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