Baby’s first haircut experience

N was born with quite a bit of very dark hair which ended up disappearing (miraculously, where does lost baby hair actually go?!  You never find it anywhere on clothes, carpet or bed.  Strange), apart from his back ‘mullet’.  He also had quite a lot round his ears, and straggly bits on top in the fringe part.

Gradually it’s grown back, but a lot lighter.  Probably a fair mousy colour, rather than blond, but everyone comments how fair he’s now gone.

Unfortunately he’s got my fine hair, and the new short bits seems to take ages to grow, whereas the mullet and straggly ear/fringe parts were growing ridiculously.  I’d already trimmed the ear bits a while ago as I was having to push them behind his ears.

In spite of embarrassing ‘haircut’ warnings from some of my friends, I decided (cheapskate that I am), that I would just trim the mullet.  We can live with sweeping over the ‘fringe’ for a while.  I sat N on my knee, gave him some toys on the table to play with, put a bib on him backwards, and chopped.  He sat really nicely, non the wiser, and now he has a perfect suitably trimmed haircut.

I don’t want to traumatise him by chopping the top bit, so will leave that to the hairdresser next time I go. Hopefully by getting it trimmed, it will mean it’ll thicken up a bit.

Before and after hair do

Here’s some tips from a hairdresser on doing your baby’s first haircut, or if taking them to a salon.

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  1. aww the first hair cuts are a great milestone, my other half trims my boys hair there have been some slightly dodgy attempts but on the large part things ahve been ok lol his hair is looking fine 🙂

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