Listography: top 5 wishes for my child

Oh a great listography from KateTakes5 this week, and applicable to N as well.  If I had 5 wishes to be bestowed on him from a fairy godmother these would be them:

  1. That he wishes to find out more than just farming for the future.  I’m hoping that he will enjoy school and want to move away and experience life even if he then wants to come back to farming.
  2. Continues to enjoy music as he does at the moment.  N loves listening to music, playing his toy instruments, and ‘dancing’ to it, so I hope he continues as I’ve always enjoyed music and played instruments.  Hopefully then he’ll not be as useless as most men when it comes to rhythm and dancing.
  3. Good health.  So far he’s been a pretty well child, so I’m hoping that continues and that he’ll only suffer minor ailments.
  4. Ability to small talk with all different types of people.  I’m quite a chatterbox in groups of people I really know well, but find it really awkward with certain work colleagues and with people I don’t really know.  So hopefully he’ll not have this problem.
  5. Has a really good close group of friends he can rely on.   So important in life, and lots of people nowadays struggle to have a support network around them
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  1. What a lovely list! I agree with the friends wish especially. As expats we struggle to retain friendships with people living in the same place as us and I think it is really important to cultivate the ones you have.

    1. I’m not sure I’d cope being an expat. I like to have friends near – especially those who are rubbish at being contactable (maybe they’re trying to tell me something!)

  2. Ah, all great and lovely wishes! Having good health and a good support network is so important these days. xx

      1. I know what you mean, i’d have been lost without the love and support of family and friends xx

  3. Living on a farm I could add number one to my list too, but I don’t think my girls will want to be farmers. Glad I found you through Kate. I’ll be sure to come back and read more.

    1. It’s so hard to stay in good contact with some friends, especially with everyone’s busy lives, so definitely hope he’s got nearby close friends. Hopefully he and his cousins will all stay living close to each other and be good friends too

    1. That’s exactly it. Fingers crossed for all in his generation, and hope they end up as decent people being well treated by others.

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