World book night freebie

I love a freebie so can’t resist talking about it even though it’s nothing to do with parenting!  Well, I suppose books are important to me, and so far N loves them too, so hopefully his love will continue as he gets older.

Today is World Book Night, a day when lots of people have been given copies of their favourite book to hand out for free to friends, colleagues, strangers or anyone else they think of.  I proposed my own favourite book ages ago, but it wasn’t chosen as one of the books (it’d probably appeared previously!).

But someone at work had been chosen to give away copies of her favourite book Touching the Void by Joe Simpson, so I managed to get hold of one.  The proviso is that you get given the free book, and once you’ve read it you pass it on to someone else.  Then they pass it on etc so more people get to experience great books.  You can also track where your book has ended up, something which quite appeals to me.

I’m quite looking forward to reading it.  It’s not my usual genre of book (I’m more of a murder, mystery, thriller or chick lit reader), but I heard Joe Simpson speak as the keynote speaker at a conference years ago.  He was really inspiring, so it’ll be interesting to actually get round to reading the book.

Has anyone else managed to become either a giver or receiver of the books at World Book Night?

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