School days – beginning of year 2

Leaving for the first day of year 2

The first week of term is complete and it’s been a good one here so far. Hopefully your children have had a good week too, and those new to school are enjoying it and settling in well.  This is the first School Days linky back after the summer so if you’ve got any school themed posts, then do come and link up. Here’s what the first week had here: N’s now in year 2, so new classroom, back in with… Continue Reading “School days – beginning of year 2”

Back to school and into Year 2

first day back to school in year 2

Well, the summer’s over…in months and weather. And it’s back to school for N and into Year 2. After a year of playing and not really being interested in reading and writing in reception. After a year of good progression to where he should be in Year 1. After a summer of doing absolutely nothing in terms of reading or writing. Oh I lie, he wrote half a postcard before giving up. And read a way too easy reference book… Continue Reading “Back to school and into Year 2”

Friends – the rules for a 6 year old boy

The friendship rules of a 6 year old - Bubbablue and me

Boys are a law unto themselves.  N definitely knows his own mind and he’s gone through life so far, being easy going. So easy going about everything including friends. I find watching him develop and his friendships change really interesting. I so should have been an anthropologist watching people!  He’s always got on well with people.  Probably because he’s pretty even tempered, adapts pretty well and is usually happy to be led. I despaired in the past, because I worried… Continue Reading “Friends – the rules for a 6 year old boy”

Project 366 2016 week 51

chilling out at a friends

The penultimate week of Project 366, and it’s been a lot about Christmas prep obviously.  I was all set for us doing Christmas at home for us and my brother, then got an invite to our sister-in-law’s at the last minute with my brother. So it’ll hopefully be a bit more christmassy than us just being at home with ourselves. Here’s this week’s 366 shots. On Sunday N discovered the lightbox.  I bought it just after Christmas last year when… Continue Reading “Project 366 2016 week 51”

My Sunday Photo – Pimms

My Sunday Photo - Wrapstock Pimms and camera

This week’s My Sunday Photo was one I took after our work conference once we’d gone for lunch at a pub by the river in Oxford.  They served Pimms in mini jugs which was a cute idea, and it made for a great photo opportunity, especially with the gorgeous whitewashed picnic tables. Along with the rest of the photography club at work, we’d been asked to do the photography for the conference which was a little scary.  But it’s great… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – Pimms”

A challenge – name calling and VIP

teaching kids how to make friends - Bubbablue and me

So far, so good at school. At least I think so.  8 days in I’m still to work out whether he’s actually sat down at all apart from one picture.  He told me he’s done no numbers or counting and no letters. The reception age children are given a buddy from year 2.  He tells me he knows the name of his best friend’s buddy, and he knows a couple of the other buddies and who they’re paired with..  But… Continue Reading “A challenge – name calling and VIP”

Summer’s here with the Britmums Carnival

Britmums carnival summer theme - Bubbablueandme

I didn’t realise until I was reading everyone else’s posts that I didn’t actually have my own summer themed post from the last few weeks!  Oops.  Poor planning.  That doesn’t mean of course that there aren’t plenty of other summer themed posts floating around the blogosphere that I can include in my Britmums Carnival round up. Hopefully everyone’s enjoying the improved weather.  Whether you’re taking time out in the garden or taking a breather from the warmth indoors, do sit… Continue Reading “Summer’s here with the Britmums Carnival”

The 9 ways that hot desking is hell

9 ways that hot desking is hell

More and more companies are going to hot-desking as flexible working becomes more prevalent. I’m sure there are numerous benefits: allows companies to have less space for more people with the increased flexibility of working from home networking opportunities more cross team working more people get to sit at a window seat and more. But I really hate it. Our company has hot-desking and has since I started there 2.5 years ago.  It works brilliantly for people who work a… Continue Reading “The 9 ways that hot desking is hell”

I’m going to Britmums Live 2015

Bubbablue and me avatar

So it’s that time of year again, and I’m getting into prep mode for Britmums Live.  I’ve finally got round to doing my ‘I’m going to’ post, so here’s me if you’re going and want to look out for me. Name  Emma Blog   Bubbablue and me Twitter ID  @etusty Height  The OH says I have duck disease, being short to the ground (cheeky given he’s only 6ft), but I’m an average 5ft 5 Hair  Mid brown, although it needs… Continue Reading “I’m going to Britmums Live 2015”