Samsung Hope Relay

I’d seen the ads on various websites and in emails, but didn’t really think much more about them.  But I’ve now decided to try and film N (well, I’m not putting myself on vid!) doing something ‘sporty’ to upload onto the Hope Relay website.  I’m thinking maybe of him running or ‘jumping’, although it will rely on some better weather to get enough vid of him running.

Samsung are trying to get as many people as possible to upload 5 second videos of them or their friends/family running or doing long/high jumps.  Then it’s off to the Warm up and Win website to upload videos and hope you win one of the many prizes on offer.  Everything ends on 12th August, so no time to waste, although you’ve got some time to be inspired by the actual Olympic Games.

I may even record mine using my lovely new Samsung phone that I’m worshipping at the moment, although everything’s going to depend on how well N performs and whether I can get 5 seconds of film!

I received information about the Samsung Hope Relay, but I chose to write the post and tell you about this competition.  Oh, and I chose and bought my phone myself…unfortunately it wasn’t a freebie, so it was just a coincidence about everything being Samsung at the moment!

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