Listography: Cartoon characters from your youth

This listography is proving quite hard for me to decide on.  Kate’s original post here includes 5 cartoon characters already from my youth, so I’m going to try and think of some different ones.  Here they are.

5 cartoon characters from my youth

1. Thundercats…are go!  Loved this, and when we used to go next door after school we’d often be watching this all together.

2. The Flintstones.  Just thinking of the car with Barney & Fred running away makes me laugh even now.

3. Bananaman.  Used to know the introductory narrative off by heart

4,. Wacky Races/Penelope Pitstop.  I mean, she wore a lot of pink and had a cool pink car.  Plus she could keep ahead of all those silly men.

5. Inspector Gadget.  Would have loved go go gadget arms & legs to help escape any enemies.

Super Ted was one that almost made the list.  Again, we knew all the introduction words off by heart, we always felt quite sorry for him & his friend Spotty for some reason.

What were the cartoons from your youth?

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  1. Gutted I forgot Superted and Bananaman when making my list! I didn’t forget Inspector Gadget though, he made it in there! 🙂

  2. I can#t beleive I forgot Super Ted he was brilliant – I am loving this listography, really taking me on a trip down memory lane x

  3. Oh! Super Ted! I used to have a Super Ted video… I outgrew it quite quickly, but was still stuck watching it for years because of my little brother!

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