Top tip timesaver – John Frieda Frizzease 3 day straight

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I’ve been thinking for ages about trying the John Frieda 3 day straight product but wasn’t too sure given a) the price and b) it says for curly hair.  Mine just has a bit of a kink which is a nightmare to keep straightened; it goes lank and haywire in humidity however much product is on it.  But I spotted the 3 day straight product in Boots, saw it was part of the 3 for a tenner promotion (bargain given I quite like the shampoo and conditioner anyway) and thought I’d try it out.

Mornings with a child are always a bit frantic however organised you are, so anything that’s going to help with the morning routine is welcome in my house.  I usually wash my hair daily, then have to blow dry and usually straighten it…all the while hoping that N will behave himself playing nicely or watching tv (or in an ideal world get himself dressed) while the hairdryer’s going.

The 3 day straight is really easy to use.  Just spray on wet/damp hair, then it’s heat activated by the hairdrier.  So I just blow dry and then straighten.  Usually my hair after washing is really tangled as it’s fine, but after using this one day, the next 2 days I find my hair needs less brushing and looks less wild after I get up.  

I still use a bit of root booster spray otherwise I’d have no body in it; the 3 day straight does help my hair need less straightening, even though the pack says that washing hair daily reduces its impact.  I think it’s definitely worth the money and is quite light so it doesn’t seem to make my hair greasy which is what I often find with frizz easing hair products.

The speed and ease of straightening, also means that when you’ve got a toddler wanting to sit on the dresser and watch help you do your hair, there are less opportunities for him to burn himself/clunk himself by pulling on the cord.

What hair products do you use to save time with a child?

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