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Books, books and more books – 2013 into 2014 book challenges

I’m a bit of a book lover, although I do go through phases of not reading much at all…that’ll be last October and December then.  I did however, still manage to complete my 50 books challenge in 2013 which was previously hosted by Mama Owl (as well as me keeping track on Good Reads).

I’m up for the challenge again, and this time it’s been hosted by Ups & Downs, Smiles & Frowns, so I’ll hopefully be remembering to link up each month and write an update post.  I also want to get a bit more organised about writing reviews as they were extremely sporadic last year!

Generally I buy my favourite authors in print (as they’re cheaper than on Kindle), and then find new authors through the Kindle offers and free books.  It’s handy having others doing the challenge, as you can discover new books via them as well.

I’ve also signed up for the Picture book reading challenge over at Child Led Chaos.  I’d vaguely spotted it last year and thought it was madness, but obviously I’m a bit nuts (or just obsessed with books) so will now be on the lookout for even more books.  Sorry to the OH who’s already despairing about them being all over the place.

This challenge entails 300 books for the year.  N’s not overly keen on new books coming into the fold, so hopefully this will encourage him to look outside of his standard repertoire (unlike myself who never reads a book twice…well, apart from maybe a couple of classics).

I’m hoping that toilet training at the moment means lots of books to look at, so we should be able to read the average each week rather than struggling if he doesn’t want a bedtime story.  Damn work, getting in the way of our reading exploration.

So lots of plans for more reading – not quite sure where my crocheting is going to fit into all of this but here’s hoping.

I’ll be updating each month under my books menu at the top of the page, so do come back and find out how we’re getting on.  If you’ve got any recommendations for books to read for either myself or N, then feel free to drop us a note as well.

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  1. Good luck with both challenges, I’m sure pre-Monkey I could definitely read more than 50 books in a year, now …..

    Will have to look at the picture book challenge – we have more books than I dare count! Add in Library books and review books – eek!

    Have you got any of the Amazing Machines series? Monkey adores them and I got all of ours in Charity shops

    1. Ooh, they sound good. We’ve got a few vehicle/machine books, but quite a few tend to be american vehicle based which isn’t great. Will have a look out for those. Now I work in town, it’s much easier to pop into all the charity shops.

  2. I’m going to have to trail round all the charity shops for new books I think. We must have about 50 already, but you can never have too many books (OH wouldn’t agree), or maybe do some swaps with friends.

    It’ll be good to see what other people are reading too

  3. We’ve started on the #300PBs challenge. Not sure of the 50 books one, as I do read loads, more than 50 a year, but scared that by putting it as a challenge, it’ll put me off somehow and pressurise my reading! Good luck with yours x

    1. N refused books this morning, so we might be struggling already after the 1st day went well. But it’s going to be great looking out for new books.

      I thought I read lots of books myself, but when you start to count you realise how little time you have to read books. I’d love to read more, but I really struggle with time, especially now N tends to come in to bed with me in the morning now/me re-picking up crocheting. Will definitely have to allow myself a certain amount of time a day to read.

  4. Thanks. I love this kind of challenge. I have a pile of books that must be 30+ high still to read, but then get caught up buying more I see before I’ve read the others. Naughty! Plus I’ve got a pile to freecycle or sell on as well.

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