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Announcing my Britmums Live! 2014 sponsor – Water Babies

Straight after arriving home from Britmums Live 2013, I was already thinking about what I wanted to do with my blog, and also thinking about next year’s conference.  Having planned a bit further in advance this year, I am happy to announce that my sponsor for the 2014 event is

Water Babies

If you’re not familiar with Water Babies, here’s the lowdown on them:

  • Classes from baby swimming through to the toddler programme.  Babies can start swimming at any age
  • Makes the most of babies’ natural affinity with water
  • Qualified swimming teachers – to Water Babies standard
  • Understanding of water wobbles and concerns that parents may have
  • Experience of teaching babies and toddlers with all sorts of special and additional needs

I’ve been one of the Water Babies bloggers since May 2013 – N started swimming with Water Babies at around 3 ½ months old, and apart from a term’s break, we’ve been with them along the way through the terrible water wobbles he had, through to now where he loves his swimming lessons.  We swim with the Midshires team, and  love the fact they really seem to care about the babies and toddlers who swim with them, with the teachers learning to recognise what makes each child tick…no mean feat given many look similar as babies when in happy nappies and wetsuits!

So I’m really pleased to be sponsored by them for this event, given the experience we’ve had with them over the last couple of years.  Over the months to come I’ll be sharing more of our experiences about swimming with Water Babies as well as more about my experience at my second Britmums Live.

If you want to read more about our swimming experience you can check out our posts on the swimming page, or if you want to discover more about Water Babies, you can find out more on their website.  I’m happy to answer any questions you have about swimming, from a mum’s view.  I read all comments on my blog, or drop me a tweet or email.

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    1. Last year I didn’t get anywhere with sponsorship but have been working with Water Babies this year, so I was pleased I was seen as worth a punt.

      Booked my hotel yesterday, so only childcare to sort out and then the countdown to June.

      Might even bump into you on the train if you’re training it into Marylebone.

  1. That’s fantastic! It’ll be my first conference. Looking forward to seeing you there.

    1. Hope to see you there too.

      It’ll be my first proper time as last year I could only make the Friday. Just need to sort out the hotel, meeting other people beforehand, childcare and….the list goes on. But can’t wait.

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