couple dancing in the street wearing casual wear

Listography: Top 5 Randoms

This week’s listography from KateTakes5 is top 5 random things I like.  They have to be explicit, and not generic (eg I like chocolate is not unusual for most people!).  I can think of lots of things I don’t like, but things I do like?!

1, I love driving on a glorious day and singing along to whatever track’s on the radio/cd player.  Luckily I have a nice commute and have the chance to do lots of driving, but I just find it really liberating and exciting.  Obviously not when there’s traffic jams or horrible weather but the rest of the time I love it (and generally when I’m on my own in the car).  Quite impressive for someone who wasn’t that fussed about learning to drive and only learnt at 22 because it would help in looking for jobs post uni.

2, Baking.  Lots of people like this but I really like the whole baking by hand (I have a Kenwood Chef machine that was a wedding present, but I’ve never got the hang of it).  It’s theraputic, and I especially love it if I’ve got music going at the same time.

3, Reading.  With an under one, I don’t have much time for this anymore, but I love it.  Generally I stick with authors or genres I know and love, but it’s exciting to go into a book shop and discover something new.  If I won the lottery and no longer needed to earn money, I’d buy myself a little bookshop where there were lots of nooks and crannies to sit and read in.

4, Dancing.  Again, not much chance for dancing anymore, but I’ve tried a lot of styles over the years.  Most recently I’ve been a cerocer, dabbled (not for long enough) at west coast swing, and have tried every year to find a new dance style to try.  So far in 2011 I’ve failed, having only danced once since having N.  But he seems to enjoy jigging around with me when music’s on, so hopefully (and totally against the OH’s opinion) he’ll be a little mover and I can get him to dance and not be embarrassed about being a male dancer (let’s face it, a guy who can dance is impressive in the eyes of most girls!). I also talk dance over at my What about Dance blog.

couple dancing in the street wearing casual wear

5, Bead shops.  Ok, so maybe any shops, but I really love bead shops.  Basically all those colours and textures, gorgeous inspiration and a lovely glossy touch, I could spend hours in them just touching all the beads and imagining what I could make with them.  They’re very dangerous as you can get lost in the beads and not realise how much you’re spending, so I try to avoid as much as possible.

I can’t believe I’ve not talked about food much within this…oh well, I guess chocolate and cake is just too obvious!

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  1. Great list, I can identify with them all (well apart from the driving one as I don’t drive! 🙂 )I also love to bake, read and dance. Even if the only dancing I ever do is round the kitchen to the radio when no-one’s looking or after a few vodkas to cheesy music on a night out! 🙂

  2. Singing to the radio is a good one. It distracts my toddler when she’s fussing, too, so we both get something out of it. Fun list!

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