Listography: Top 5 photos of 2011

Mmm, big event this year which was N’s arrival, so I’m anticipating this could be quite obvious!  I have taken hundreds of photos this year, so it’s quite hard to choose which 5 make it to this listography list of top 5 photos of 2011:

  1. Top of the list has to be a newborn one of N.  He seemed so tiny at the time (even though he was a pretty big baby), but this picture just reminds me of how small he once was (plus how much hair he had when he was born – although this picture didn’t show it as well as some a few days later when he was at home).
Afternoon of him being born
  1. Like father like son.  Can’t believe I managed to get a picture of them doing the same thing.  And quite a rare picture of my OH as he avoids cameras like the plague (still trying to get a photo of the 3 of us that isn’t blurred)
  1. At the park.  This was on our second attempt to find the park after walking the mile along the road to the village near us.  It’s a great park, but crikey is it hard to find.  It was a beautiful day and N loved the equipment, but the swings especially.  He looks so happy (which isn’t unusual as he’s a bit of a smiler), and I was really pleased with the photos I took that afternoon although the sun was a bit of a pain.
  1. Family shot for 2011.  A few years ago, we did summer photos of the cousins with their Gramps (on the farm quad bike).  Then we had a few years gap due to rubbish summers and lack of family BBQs.  The this year it was a great summer and we managed to get a big family bbq in, so time for another picture with the addition of the youngest nephew and N.  The quad bike shots were a bit rubbish (too many children to actually be able to see them all), and we didn’t get shot with everyone looking to the front, but I still love this picture as it’s great to get a shot as a time in history…in the future these kind of photos will be brought out to explain to the family down the line who everyone was.
  1. Ok, there’s one photo that’s made it that’s not of my baby!  I’ve been trying for years to get some decent photos of the animals around the farm.  It’s pretty hard to a) get close enough and b) get the light right.  This one the sun was a bit bright, but I really love it behind the cow – it’s like she’s got a halo.
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  1. It’s so easy to take hundreds of photos of your new baby isn’t it? Love the one of the whole family though, you have to record those few occasions when you have so many generations in one place.

  2. Great pictures – particularly love the family group one. Happy New Year!

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