Oh Christmas tree

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I was struggling to get agreement to put the christmas tree up…excuses given mainly revolved around “it’s dangerous with a nearly one year old”.

Thankfully, after a lot of moaning and hints by me (“he really loved X’s christmas tree”, “we have a spare table we can put it on and block it in”), the tree was rescued from the loft along with decorations, and I duly erected and decorated it.

To baby proof it, it was put on top of our old tv table/shelf which raised it perfectly to fit to the ceiling. Then I put the armchair in front of the whole shebang.  Worked brilliantly.  So much that N wasn’t even that bothered about it, even when the lights were on.

I usually have 3 sets of lights on it, as I love to see a pretty lit up tree, but 2 sets seemed to have disappeared.  Luckily the set that was in the decorations box was long enough.  I’ll need to resolve that next year though.

It’ll only be up for a few more days, as I’ll be taking it down at the weekend, so I don’t have a panic when it gets closer to going back to work time.

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