Bleak house…illness reigns

Makes a change that I’m the healthy one in this house, as my OH always moans I have the sniffles.  OH’s come down with a kind of tonsillitis illness that he sometimes suffers from.  Of course being bank holiday weekend has meant non existent cover at the surgery, and no local out of hours appointments, when all he actually needed was antibiotics that usually sort it out.

And poor N’s had a bit of a cold for a few weeks now, and although I thought he was a bit wheezy/rattly at times, I thought it was probably due to the mucus.  He’s not got an infection but as he’s having to breathe harder it’s a sign of potential infection coming.  So he’s on antibiotics too.  At least he’s fine in himself so hopefully that’ll clear the mucus and stop him coughing & wheezing.

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