1st birthday preparations

Well, I say 1st birthday preparations, but actually I’ve not started thinking about them, other to agree that our NCT joint 1st birthday party can be held at our house, and to debate whether we need to have a specific 1st party for N.

Would it be really bad not to have one?  It seems from everyone else I’m talking to that they’re planning themed parties, and they’re spending a lot of time organising.

My theory was as he was having the joint big party (well the 8 of them) for the NCT babies, we would only need to do a family tea for him.  But then thinking about that and talking it through with the OH, a birthday tea of sandwiches, fairy cakes and jelly isn’t going to work for family where the youngest child is 3, but the rest range up to 12!  So then it would end up being a huge family meal with 17 or so, and no kiddy food.  So maybe that’s what we’ll need to do…although it does end up being a lot more expensive unless there’s a spare turkey roaming around that we can grab for it without having to buy it.

Mmm, OH didn’t sound too keen about having a big party, but as I’m writing this I’m thinking it could be a good dinner to do.  Wonder if we could do homemade sausages & mash (not sure N’s that keen on sausages though), or could do lasagne & salads (very messy for a baby though).  Think I need some easy meal ideas that can be prepared ideally the day before that my OH will eat (that’ll be no to chilli, curry etc) – although I’ll be back working so that’s not that helpful unless I’m up late on the Friday.

He can always have the proper children’s party once he’s older and knows what’s going on.

What did you do for your child’s 1st birthday party?

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