first sleepover party - Bubbablue and me

A first sleepover with friends

N’s slept over at the farm lots of times over the last 4 years, but never had a sleepover with friends. Quite a few of his friends have had them before, but last weekend, a friend was having a birthday sleepover party and N was invited.

In the run up he was so excited. And evidently so was the friend. The plans seemed to be discussed daily with what the 4 of them would be up to.  N and his friend were playing tennis in the afternoon before N was going over to his house. They’d decided tea, how and where everyone was sleeping.  N was planning what he needed to take with him.  Thankfully he likes to pack ahead of time, so was all set with no problems.

first sleepover party - Bubbablue and me

As N isn’t the most patient of people I wasn’t sure how well he’d cope with a lack of routine and structure. When we’re camping he’s used to staying up late til 10, but that’s usually built up after the first night, and in school holiday mode, But I know when he sleeps at the farm, he’s still an early riser.  I didn’t want him to be up at 5 and waking everyone else while he’s looking for breakfast! He also likes to go to sleep when he’s tired, so thought he might get a bit preachy, and tell his friends off if they weren’t going to bed on time.

I did have to stop him taking his duvet as well as his sleeping bag and 2 pillows.  I persuaded him that just 1 teddy bear would be ok too.

It turned out I had nothing to worry about.

They had an absolute blast. Eating pizza (he got to have his new favourite meat feast Dominos).  Playing outside in their pyjamas on the wet grass. He said that two of them ate most of the popcorn while they watched a film.

Then they kind of settled down on mattresses in the living room for sleep.

After a lot of talking N was still struggling to sleep, so took himself upstairs to sleep in his friend’s bedroom past 11pm.  Although he still woke up around 5, and got up around 5.30.  I felt for the parents.

He did come back home wearing his pants from the day before and a spare pair of socks off his friend (even though his bag had each for the next day in it).  And brandishing a party bag of goodies which he proclaimed to be the best ever.

It sounded like they all got on together with no problems, had lots of fun, and N’s looking forward to more sleepovers in future. I’m hoping that doesn’t mean he’s looking to have a big one of his own! Although maybe when they’re older, he could have a camping one.

What age did yours go on their first sleepover? How did they cope?

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  1. How exciting for N. It sounds like he had a really fun time.
    My teen was about 8 when she had her first sleepover with friends. 6 girls and they hardly slept. She came home shattered but had the best time. lol

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