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A new skincare routine – getting older

Skin care routines. Do we really need them?  I have to admit that I’ve never had much of one.  Certainly not one that uses all the same skincare brand for a long length of time. But now I’m getting older, I’ve started thinking about changing what I do use.

As a teen I had a few spots but nothing too drastic. So good old Oxy was on the daily face wash routine, and my mum had got me some  Ulay (before it was Olay, for you young ones reading). I was always pretty slack about moisturising.

In the summer I’d do it more when I’d been out in the sun – slapping on thicker Nivea cream when needed. But otherwise mostly just using a cleanser rather than anything else. My skin’s never been dry, more T zone greasy, and at over 40, I’m still getting a couple of hormonal spots each month.

I did use Dermologica cleansing wash for a while, but never got round to replacing it when I ran out.  But I’ve been using the same sensitive cleanser for so long now, still using ‘teenage’ style cleansers.  I’ve never liked creamy skincare, as I’ve found them too greasy, preferring fresher more ‘water based’.  But I think the one I use is too stripping for my cheeks now. 

A few years ago my best friend bought me a Clinique Moisture Thirst pot which is like a light gel to put on before make up.  I love this as it’s light and soaks in quickly, it’s not greasy.  But I’m quite lax about using it daily. Maybe I did need to start adding some moisture in.

On a quick nip into Poundland I spotted some night cream for ‘ageing’ skin, and for £1 a pot I thought I’d try it, and the make up removing/cleanser.  Cheap doesn’t always mean worse, and just a couple of weeks later, I think my skin’s less red around my nose, and I wake up with much smoother skin.

My skincare routine is still fairly relaxed compared to a lot of people’s.  That and doing my make up only takes about 5 minutes each morning, and probably the same in the evening. But it’s working for me and moving to the night cream hasn’t made my skin break out in spots like I expected when moving to a new skincare product.

Now I need to decide what I’m doing with my shampoo and conditioner.  My new hairdresser recommended salon brands (at those prices no chance), and a moisturising one, but my hair gets greasy enough as it is without adding too much moisture in.  I usually switch brands depending on whether it needs a cleanse after too much product.  Or depending what’s on offer, but I’ve usually tended towards volumizing shampoos or smoothing depending on the brand.  Smoothing can be too heavy for my fine hair. 

I did buy a herbal blends shampoo with almonds last time, and I’ve quite liked that, but it’s so thick I struggle to not waste so much coming out of the pack.  Still research to do I think.

What’s your skincare routine like? Have you made any recent changes?

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  1. I am thinking if I want to buy Estee Lauder. My skin is really bad. I remember using their night cream before and it helped a lot. But its so pricey. I dont know what to do… I cant bear to look at myself in the mirror at all. =(

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