sheep on the farm

Month of Firsts 13 – school and sheep

The year is whizzing by, and apart from the one huge first – starting school, I think we’ve been fairly short on first achievements.

For N it’s all been about starting school.

In September, N has

Gone straight into full time school

None of this part time malarky.  Although I have to say, the children who’ve been going in part time, seem to have launched straight in to phonics, writing and the like.  So far, N’s started writing his name (he didn’t get very far at nursery or with me encouraging him, telling me his name’s too long), but he’s still telling me he can’t do more than the 3 letters at the start).  Otherwise, he still seems to be in play mode.  I don’t know what he’ll do when it really gets too wet and cold to play outside all the time.

Plus he’s lost a welly.  I think.  Tomorrow I need to check if it’s hidden behind the boot rack (that he never puts his boots back on to) or in lost property.  The nightmare of not picking him up from school each day means he doesn’t get reminded to change into his trainers, replace the correct items in the correct places and more.

Had his first VIP award

Each day they have a VIP chosen from every year. For living the school and classroom rules.  I’m surprised he’s only been a  VIP once, but then most of the time he seems to spend playing outside, so he’s probably not even in the classroom for the teachers to keep a really close eye on him.  Being a VIP means the child gets a sticker, and gets to sit on the VIP table at lunch, fast-tracking to the front of the lunch queue.

school VIP on his john deere gator

Had a bullying experience

I’ve not got to the bottom of it yet, and I’m hoping I’ve given him a bit of confidence on what he should do if the kicking and hitting happens again.  Otherwise, I’ll need to speak to the teacher to find out what’s been going on.  His friend has given a similar story but about another child hitting him, so it needs clearing up so we know the correct facts.  At least the two of them didn’t get into a fight with the other children, but I’m sad that it’s marred his happy experience so soon.

Mind you, after telling me this morning, he wandered in to school this morning, the most independently he has done until now so fingers crossed it’s all going to be fine.

Owned some sheep

Well, at the moment the ownership is in limbo because it appears I’m the one that’s buying them.

Despite his dad farming cows, N seems to prefer the sheep that his uncle keeps.  So at the sheep sales earlier this week, his uncle returned with 10 sheep for N.  I’d said that I’d buy 5, but I guess the 10 is under £1k, so he can have those.  Although why his ‘farming’ bank account wasn’t used, I don’t know.

I’ve not seen them yet because they’re down at my brother in law’s, but I’m sure they’ll appear in our paddock at some point.  At least I’m not the one expected to look after them and the cow and half a calf that he owns.

sheep on the farm

What firsts have your children achieved this month?

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  1. What an amazing achievement to own some sheep already, I bet there aren’t many 4 year olds who can say that! So sorry to hear that he’s already experienced bullying at school- how upsetting for you all. I hope you got to the bottom of it xx #WhatMyKidDid

  2. Oh gosh you made me chuckle ‘half a cat’ made me imagine a cat walking along with no back legs or tail! Anyway, sorry! Sad to hear about the bullying but he does seem to be taking it in his stride so that’s good news!

  3. Wow, you bought sheep! Very cool 🙂 So sorry to hear about the bully experience. It’s just awful and as the mother of a bully – R, who’s 3, hit and bit one child yesterday and it’s incredibly frustrating because I thought he had got out of the biting phase…maybe he is just mean?! – I apologise on their behalf 🙁 Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

  4. Great list of firsts – Lovely idea for a post. Pickle LOVES sheep – he would be very jealous! Kaz x

  5. Aww that so bad about bullying! I wouldnt wait any minute, I wouldnt let my child to be hit by others! Evil kids!

    1. Yes, I just want to grab the kid and ask what he’s been doing and why. Just hope the school keep a better eye on it, and if needs be speak to the parents too. I’d want to know if it was N doing it so I could straighten it out.

    1. I always find I forget them otherwise.Plus I always think of baby years being the ones with all of the milestones, it’s nice to remember that they continue as he grows

    1. Lol, I think a lot of children would be. I think the OH only just realised that he’ll be the one checking them while N’s at school. The OH is a cow person rather than a sheep lover!

  6. Aw it’s a shame he’s experienced bullying so soon but it seems like he enjoys school otherwise.

  7. Sorry he’s experienced bullying already. Bob went straight into full time school as well but she started on a Wednesday. Her friends who had a week of half day first started at the beginning of the week so I guess the hours weren’t so different just more condensed. x

    1. We started on a Wednesday too. But many of the people I know starting part time, started days and weeks after us. One school started the same day, but are still only on mornings or afternoons.

    1. I was really proud. The only problem is I’m always now watching out for who’s learner and star of the week, and asking him who was VIP for the day….and wondering what he’s been doing that doesn’t make him get chosen again! My competitive nature coming out that I need to reign in

  8. Sounds like your son has mostly had a really positive experience at school. He is adorable 🙂

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