the little dog whisperer - Bubbablue and me

The little dog whisperer

N loves dogs.

In fact he loves the animals on the farm in general, wanting to help out, going to speak to the cows at the fence, looking at the piglets.  It always amuses me that if I take him to a farm park though, he won’t join in with feeding the animals at all.

the little dog whisperer - Bubbablue and me

There’s always dogs on the farm and most are for working purposes.  My father in law has a pretty ancient black labrador who ventures out for a hobble and a stroke.  She’s always been more like a pet because she’s the only dog allowed in the farmhouse, having a bed in the utility room.

The OH has 2 dogs.  One is a springer spaniel.  She was a fully trained gun dog when he bought her, and just always wants to work, so she only roams when the OH’s with her.  Nose to the ground always.

The other is the black labrador.  She’s brilliant.  We picked her up from a farm near Birmingham when N was 3 months old.  It was an interesting experience taking a baby to look at and choose a dog!  She was bought to be used as a working dog at the shoots.  But has turned out to be gun shy which is a shame.

She just loves people, and especially children, having grown up as N has.

So N’s a natural round dogs.  He knows what he can and can’t do with them, how to stroke them properly, and when to avoid or approach them.  He is definitely a checker before seeing strange dogs, pointing them out, but he’ll always see if we’re ok with him stroking the other dog first in case the dog’s not used to children.

One of the sheepdogs has currently got pups.  So he’s been down to his uncle’s place where the puppies are to see them.  Very cute, but a shame they’re not up at the farm for me to nosy whenever I want!

But N’s favourite is our black labrador.  She is a little loony (aren’t all labs?!), and will quite happily sit or lie there waiting to be stroked…then all of a sudden she’ll just decide to go running off as though she’s a greyhound.  All the way round the house and lawn before trotting back as though nothing was the matter.

She loves to meet cars as they come up the drive.  N has decided that when she’s at my car door, really she’s waiting for him to get out, because N’s her favourite.  Hmm, not sure about that.  It’s really, anyone who’ll take her for a walk.

If the weather’s nice, and N’s pottering in the garden, she’ll quite often hang around.  Sitting on the front step, or lying there in wait for a tummy.

playing with the dog

N has decided that he’s a dog whisperer.

listening to the dog

The dog isn’t trained at all.  She’ll vaguely sit, but mostly when she wants to.  She’ll lie down but only because there’s a chance to be tickled.  She doesn’t understand stay or fetch.  There’s just no need for her to being out loose on the farm.  When she’s taken for a walk, she’s generally on a lead, or if loose in a field then she will generally come if shouted for.  Otherwise she’ll just make her way back to the farm.

But N thinks that he can control her.

training his black labrador
boy training dog

The other day she was sitting on the front step, and N was walking round.  The dog obviously, was watching and following his moves.  Because wouldn’t you if someone was wafting around in front of you?  But N decided it was all down to his signals.

His next attempt was throwing a stick for her.  As I mentioned, the dog has never had a ball thrown for her, or a stick, so has no concept that she’s meant to chase it, pick it up and return with it.  She’ll just chew up a stick and then leave it when she gets bored.

N threw the stick.

The dog looked.

And sat down.

After a while, the dog decided it was time for a ‘nutty’ run round the house.  Much hilarity from N who tried to chase her, then gave up, coming back saying ‘Mummy, Fern’s running so fast, we’ll wait for her to come back’.  And wait, and wait.  She’d obviously found something much more exciting to distract her before coming back for another tummy tickle.

N also likes trying to persuade her to go in the back of his gator for a ride.  I think the cousins tried it a while back and she wasn’t impressed, so I wasn’t going to lift her in for him.  He gave up on that idea, and instead nearly ran her over.  Here’s hoping he’s a better car driver when he’s older because he’s too easily distracted now.

I’m not sure dog whispering’s really for him, but it’s great to see the two of them such good friends.  I suppose now he’s got some sheep of his own, he’ll be asking for a sheep dog before long.

Are you dog fans in your house?  What pets do you have?

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  1. I love how tolerant Fern is with him, they’re quite the double act. I’m not sure N is an efficient enough tummy tickler though! 😉 Stella does that mad run even now she’s so poorly, she gets a sudden burst of energy and off she goes! Fern reminds me of a younger Stella, made me smile lots 🙂

  2. What a wonderful place to grow up. I think that having a family dog is such a gift, our Working cocker is always hanging out with the kids (he knows where to go and get all of that affection!) and he is always just there… in the background. I dred to think how sad it will be when one day, he is not there anymore. Getting under my feat or playing with the children.
    Lovely post and pictures, Lucky you, living on a farm!
    Anna x

  3. Oh what a lovely post – and doggy! I used to have golden retrievers – I love big dogs. We currently have one cat. Kaz x

  4. Lovely post! So cute how good he is with dogs! I have a lab too, she’s blonde though and hust like you said a bit mad! Haha one minute sitting there the next running off ! Such lovely photos too! Great piece!

    1. Thanks for your comment. My brother in law had a golden lab a while back, she was gorgeous but a bit ancient when I knew her. We tend to have chocolate or black ones now (less grubby looking on the farm!)

  5. I am a major dog lover and so is my family. We have some dogs that are house pets and some that are trained for hunting with my dad. I think having a pet, is so important in ones life especially a dog. I do believe owning one has changed me for the better. N is so adorable. I enjoyed a good few giggles at the video.

  6. Love to see the relationship between kids and our canine friends. it’s so special! we have a little westie and our one year SWINGS out of her. she mostly puts up with it, but we’re always so careful. the dog understands that she’s a baby though, it’s very cute. great pics.

  7. Oh so cute! I have a golden cocker spaniel (like your spaniel, always nose to the ground), and my 4yo god-daughter absolutely adores him! Thankfully he’s really good with her and just puts up with it all despite looking glum and miserable every time she insists on giving him a huge hug or sitting in his bed with him, lol.

    C x

  8. I would love to have a dog-I do miss having a dog around the house. They are such loving animals when you find one that matches your own family temperament-one day I’d like to get a puppy and have it grow with us. Lovely photo’s.

    1. It is great to have one, but if we weren’t on the farm we wouldn’t. Just too much going on to be able to walk one. Thanks for stopping by Iona

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  10. It’s great that N has a bond with your lab, there’s something about kids and dogs playing together that’s really sweet. It’s great that N loves spending time playing with the dogs but understands that there are limits and know when not to push their buttons. It’s lovely to see N interact with your dog and it’s great that he’s got the companionship of a pet. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids

  11. What a lovely post. Looks like there’s a really special bond between them. It’s good to read that N is sensible enough to check strange dogs are safe – not many kids of his age (or a lot older) would do that.

  12. I think N is lucky to have your lab in his life. We have 2 Deerhounds. The children have grown up with them and love them. We taught the children, when they were younger, to “hedgehog” when the dogs are running straight at them, otherwise they would be sent flying. They adore playing with them. One downside is that only Eldest is strong enough to walk them on the lead. They do hint that they’d like a smalller dog to walk. Like a dachsie. #CountryKids

  13. Every few days my daughter asks me ‘when are we getting a dog?’ We hope to get one early next year as I think it’s so important for young children to grow up with pets. I can see how N has learnt how to love and handle dogs.

  14. My little girl adores dogs. We don’t have one, but she wants to say hello to every one we meet. She’s very good though, and she now always asks the owner if it’s okay, approaches them where they can see her and lets them have a sniff and accept her before she gets too friendly! She knows most of the dogs on the school run by name now 🙂 It’s lovely to watch actually, and although we have no intention of getting a dog (one too many things for us to deal with!) the way she is with them is the one thing that might change our minds. Love that N is so good with them too, it is a wonderful thing. It’s such a shame when kids are scared of them 🙁 Love your little dog whisperer! #countrykids

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