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Project 365 2015 week 40

It’s week 40 of Project 365, and there’s unusually, been a lot of crafting in the evenings. There’s also been a bit of time outside, but it’s definitely obvious that although the days are still warm, the evenings are getting a bit colder.

Onto my week 40.

On Sunday N wanted to stay on the farm again and go out with his dad, so I decided to get out for an early walk to nearby Wroxton Abbey. It’s now oddly, a private American university but you can walk in the grounds.  It was really beautiful although not too many leaves had changed colour or fallen yet. Plus being out really early meant I was the only one there until I was on the way out and passed 2 other people.

Wroxton Abbey lake

On Monday, N decided he’d become a dog whisperer, and spent a while playing with our black labrador. It’s lovely to see them together and the dog’s been spending a lot of time at our front door, almost waiting for N to open the door to speak to her.

dog whisperer training

On Tuesday I nipped out for a walk at lunchtime and spotted a new gift shop had opened.  I think it’s that an old shop closed and has reopened (again) as a new one.  Even though it’s only October, the downstairs of the shop is mostly Christmas products, with a small section for Halloween.  I’ve already spotted a couple of baubles that I shall be adding to my collection in a few weeks.

29th Sep 2015 (Tue)

On Wednesday it was the first of our three crafting sessions after school and work this week.  N had found the Hama beads, and made a star coaster.

hama beads play

On Thursday he’d moved on to button crafting, using up my stash!

making button crafts

On Friday we mooched around the garden looking for conkers and cutting the grass under the climbing frame.  N played with the dog again, so I took some more flower photos.

pink rose int he garden

Saturday was Blogon Win at Winchester Science Centre.  I enjoyed the day, and N loved the goody bags on my return home.  He was straight in there while I was sorting all the goodies out.

Blogon Win goody bags

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  1. That store looks so beautiful! The birdcage looks gorgeous, but on the right you can see some owls and my eyes went straight to them! I would lose my mind (and money) if I had a store like that one near me hahahaha
    Btw, dogs are so important in a child’s life! 😀

  2. Oh your photos are stunning. I missed Blog on Win – I should have been there but I was poorly 🙁 Some one did pick up my goody bag though 😉 Kaz x

  3. Looks like you have had a great week. I love the Christmas decorations, they are gorgeous, is it wrong that I’m super excited for Christmas already?
    You’ve definitely had a lot of crafting going on! My two love crafting, so much o that our craft box is almost empty now, will have to start refilling it!

  4. this post has just reminded me we have some hamma beads that I have kept for my daughter, we must get them out and have a go! Lovely post too xxx

  5. I can’t believe it’s week 40, where has this year gone!? Sounds like a lovely week. Looks like a beautiful place for a walk. I’ve been meaning to start doing more crafty things with my little boy, think I’ll get some bits ready for the weekend 🙂

    1. I know. It’s getting so close to the end of the year, it’s scary. It is nice to get craft stuff out and play with it, but then it’s what to do with all the makes

  6. What a lovely week you had and recorded in both thoughtful words and nice pictures. My children used to love to craft with Hama beads for hours on end…

  7. Looks like you’ve had a busy week, and there’s been a noticeable shift in the weather this week hasn’t there. Love N’s now a dog whisperer, seems the dog gets it though 🙂

  8. we love hama beads in this house, great for all ages as they children can make as complex as their age allows.
    I am not a lover of crafting, dont like the mess it makes.
    Love the rose picture, and chuckled at the dog whispering.

  9. Love the idea of Project 365, but I’m not sure I would have the patience to commit like you have – so well done on getting to Week 40! That’s an achievement in itself. Some beautiful pictures as usual x

  10. Looks like you had a lovely week. I was gutted not to be able to attend Blogon Win but sounds like everyone had an amazing time from what i’ve been hearing on the blogosphere and that good bag is pretty impressive. No wonder N was pleased. xxx

  11. looks like you had a good week hun. That first picture of the trees over the Lake is such a beautiful picture. I love little gifts shops like this especially when they have such wonderful little nik naks for Xmas. I could end up spending of fortune in places like this.

  12. I loved the sparkly birdcage too. I’m not sure we have any surface to put it on which is the issue. Such a shame, as I see so many decor ideas, but none would fit in our house.

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