mystery party invitation

Mystery party invitation

I expected the party invitations to start when N started school, but it wasn’t an invite from a reception child that turned up for N.

Mystery Party invitation - Bubbablueandme

In fact, if we’d had it just appear and not be handed over in person, we’d have had no clue where it had come from.

The invitation turned up via another reception child’s father who’d obviously been to the day nursery first to pick up the younger daughter.  He’d been given 2 invitations, one for his boy J, and one to pass on to N.

We got home, and opened the party invitation and then the confusion started.  Who was the child who’d invited N to the party?  And it was a joint party, so who was the second child?

I spoke to J’s mum at school and she was as confused as me.  We’re presuming it’s from one of the younger children.  In the preschool room (age 3 years old to school), they used to split into 2 sub-rooms, pre-school and pre-reception/school ready.  N rarely played with any of the children who would be the school year below, and over the summer holidays was mostly spending the day with the school age children at holiday club rather than in the nursery room. So it seemed strange that he’d have an invitation from any of the younger children.

I’ve asked N if he knew the children on the invitation.  He looked at me blankly and said no.  But he’s so bad with names, I’m not really surprised at that.

N’s not really a big fan of parties at the moment, so he said he didn’t want to go to one anyway, plus it clashes with other plans.  But I did find it strange that they’ve invited children who

a) aren’t in the same year group,
b) seemingly don’t play with their child, and
c) aren’t at the nursery anymore

Maybe they’ve just got a massive hall and want to fill it up.  But It really is a bit of a mystery party invitation/

Have you had any strange party invitations turn up that you’ve no idea where they’ve come from?

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  1. We had one the first day of school where I hadn’t met anyone yet and didn’t know the mother or child and the party was the next day and we went not knowing who to even look for it turned out ok in the end but very strange experience indeed. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I appreciate the linky loyalty and always look forward to seeing you again at SWM. #sharewithme

  2. That is a bit strange! It can be hard at that age though as they often don’t remember people’s names! We haven’t had any real mystery ones, thankfully, although I have had to ask which one is the birthday child on occasion 🙂

  3. We have had a couple from children that we don’t know, I just assume that they’ve invited the whole class and then try and get my child to identify the birthday child beforehand so that I know who to hand the present over to on the day! I think though that we invited a few random children to my son’s last party, he gave me a list that he’d written at school of people that he wanted to invite to his soft play thing (he was in Year 1 so I trusted him) but I suspect he just sat down at a table and wrote down the names of children as they went past.

    1. Lol, to the name choosing. We had similar last year with N’s. He put down a couple of people that nursery said he never played with, and that they didn’t even think he liked! Thankfully they never turned up.

  4. That is a bit odd – but it might be that the other child just automatically says that N is his best friend or something. Middle man used to call everyone Finley and didn’t really have a clue what was going on – but Finley was his best friend! I have decided to leave parties with little man as there are just so many kids he doesn’t really know that well. x

    1. It’s a hard one, especially boys. I don’t think N really has an idea who half the people are in his class, and doesn’t really care outside his best friend!

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