Standing tall at Rushmere Country Park

Project 365 2015 week 33 – outdoor life

It’s another week of Project 365, and we’re into week 33.  This week’s been a busy one, and I was pleased to have a couple of days off work.  It’s always good to have a short working week, although it did still go past fast too quickly.  Onto this week’s photos.

On Sunday, N wanted to go our for another bike ride.  This was his second one, and we went the other direction to the week before, heading towards his nursery.  Considering he has no gears, he did really well on the nearly 2 mile ride, although the final hill to the farm he had to walk up.  I do want to get myself a car bike rack so we can head off and do some forest trails to give N more practice in a safer environment than rural roads.

bike ride

Monday, and I was finally back online at home after 3 weeks – there were a lot of notifications having not turned on my tablet for most of that time.  Major pain in the backside, more days with phone calls to BT than not, and an extremely long deadline (eventually) despite their 6 day promise on their online charter.  Pretty shocking performance, and I must remember to write my complaint essay and send them my bill for the extra costs not being online occurred.

back online after 3 weeks

This week saw some amazing sunsets, and this one was on Tuesday.  I just happened to glance out of the window, spotted the pink and headed out with the camera.

beautiful sunset

Wednesday meant another wander down to the farmyard after nursery and work.  The new turkeys are growing well in readiness for Christmas.  According to N, his uncle prefers the white ones, the father in law prefers the black ones.

growing turkeys

Thursday we went on a Living Arrows blogger meet arranged by Hayley at Shutterflies.  It was a lovely day (despite the rain towards the end of our trip), and we had a lovely long walk in the wood.  I’m not sure what N was thinking about here but the stick and fir branch are still in the car, with him refusing to give them up.

Standing tall at Rushmere Country Park

Originally I’d had plans to take N away this weekend with a friend and her daughter, but due to a variety of reasons we’ve not ended up going. Instead we just arranged to go out and catch up, and on Friday we went swimming followed by  lunch.  N was really excited about the twin buggy (my friend doesn’t have twins but the sister in law who passed on lots of baby gear has!), so ended up pushing her daughter around the town.

pushing the buggy

Saturday we didn’t do much at all.  Just food shopping, a few chores, and then back for lunch before N went out in the afternoon on the farm. N set up a film to watch, then called me through to watch it and snuggle up with him. So sweet, I shall savour those kind of moments until he starts school and stops bothering.  You wouldn’t believe from the photo he’d agreed to have his photo taken!

snuggling and pulling faces


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  1. N is doing so well on his bike! That pink sky is just lovely, and that’s such a great picture of the two of you 🙂 What a pain that you had so many problems with BT, glad it’s all sorted now x

  2. N is doing really well on his bike, lucky you looked out when you did that pink sky is simply stunning, a good catch

    1. I’m really pleased how quickly he picked up his bike. He’s a bit wild on the bike though, and never stops talking, but luckily roads near us are generally quiet, and cars are patient going past us.

      Thanks for commenting

  3. He’s doing really well with his bike – I’m a failed parent in that area as neither of mine can ride yet!! I can understand now why Turkeys cost so much with the time it takes for them to be ready for Christmas – yum! 😉

    1. N’s beaten his 6 year old cousin to it. I’m just pleased I opted for a balance bike because that’s what’s helped, I’m sure. His cousin got a bike with stabilisers at the same time N got his balance bike. N’s never off his bikes (even in the house given the chance), but his cousin just isn’t fussed, even with him now missing out riding round with all the other cousins.

      Yep, the turkeys are a long term thing. My FIL has 3 of his own which are massive and just strut around the farm, but they don’t get eaten.

  4. It did drive me insane. They said twice they’d escalate, then I’d ring the next day and nothing was happening. My last statement to them was that I had the CEO’s email and would be emailing him if they didn’t hit that deadline.

  5. I haven’t been on a bike ride in so long, this makes me want to look out my bike from the shed and go on an adventure. How amazing is that gorgeous pink sky, well done on capturing that!

    Hope you get some closure with BT soon!


    P.s. I got your link through 30plusblogs.

    1. Hi Carrie

      That’s what I found, talking about bikes, and then seeing N enjoying it, got my backside into gear (no pun intended!), as I’d been debating a new bike for 2 years. It’s a good job he drags me out though, because I am really lazy.

      All back online as well thankfully.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting – hope you dig out your bike!

  6. I cannot wait to take mine on bike rides through the forest. We have got Isaac riding without stabilsers, he just can’t start himself off yet. Lovely photos and looks like you have had a fab week

    1. Hi Kara,
      Starting off took a few tries for N, but he got it pretty quickly. It was the brakes that took the longest. It’s lovely to be able to go out on bikes together though.

  7. Aww! The poor turkeys! I love turkey for Christmas dinner but don’t like to think where they actually come from! hehehe That last photo is so sweet…..A lovely moment! x

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