end of his cycle ride

Let loose on a bike ride

As I’ve mentioned before, N loves riding his bike.  He flits between the 2 pedal bikes on the farm, and his balance bike, but he decided at the weekend that he wanted to go on a bike ride.

I’m all for improving his stamina and hill riding, so we can build up to him having a bike with gears in a few years, so we can then go on decent distances bike rides.  But I was a little worried about being out on the road with both of us cycling.  To try and keep him in at the side (and avoiding potholes) without veering out and into me, while leaving enough room for cars which come speeding down our road was going to be challenging.

Nevertheless, he put on his bike helmet, grabbed his bike and didn’t take no for an answer.  We only had 45 minutes because I’d just put tea on, so I was worried we wouldn’t get back in time.  It turned out that cycling a mile down the road with a 4 year old doesn’t take as long as expected.

I grabbed my bike out of the barn, and we were on our way.  I don’t think I’ve ever ridden so slowly, with so much stopping and starting because ‘I need a rest’.  Not that he really did, mostly he just stopped, caused me to stop and then rode off again.

first bike ride on the road

It was a lovely day to be out on our bikes, and he did a really good job.  We headed down to my sister-in-law’s house which did mean we had an end in sight.  Luckily that road is quite flat until just before the farm, so he didn’t struggle with too fast pedals or a too hard hill.

N was so pleased when we turned into their yard.  He cycled straight up to the house, ignoring the dogs that came to meet us, and going off to find his cousin to play with.

biking through the farmyard

Soon after, it was time to cycle home again.  N was great.  There was no moaning, he just got on with the cycling and he didn’t even moan about the slight hill on the way home.  He just got on with it, and didn’t even stop at the top for a breather.  It was probably just under 2 miles, but he stayed calmed and safe when cars were driving past, and did what I asked when he needed to.

I loved being out on my bike too, although I need to rethink summer biking shoes because my bulky trainers were just too hot and chunky.   The next task is to get the car a bike rack for my bike, and then to get out to a forest trail somewhere near.

end of his cycle ride

Since then, we’ve been on 2 more bike rides. It seems that N wants every Sunday to be bike ride day.

Are you cycling fans?  Where do you cycle?

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  1. How wonderful, neither of my two can cycle. They’ve never shown any interest until we went on a bike ride a few weeks back and now they really want to give it a try so we need to get ourselves some bikes. Looks like N is a pro at it now though 🙂 #magicmoments

    1. It’s funny how some kids love bikes, others take a while to get going. Our 6yo nephew is the same – not fussed at all despite him being the only one of the 7 cousins unable to ride one.

  2. Looks like he had great fun, my little Monkey is still on a balance bike, I am not sure when the best time to move him to a peddle bike is? He’s just turned three? How did you find the transition? xx #CountryKids

    1. Hi, N had his balance bike for 2 years. He was probably ready 6 months ago but couldn’t get the strength in his legs to pedal hard enough to keep the bike upright. Also the 2 bikes we have as handmedowns were a little too big. He grew a little, the basically got straight on a couple of months after his 4th birthday. It helped that the grass was dry enough so better than learning on concrete. Here’s some tips, but basically if your son is really good at freewheeling/balancing on his balance bike, can steer and pedal on a trike, then he should find it an easy transition assuming his legs will pedal hard and fast enough. It’s tougher gling than on a trike or with stabilisers. Good luck.

      Here’s my post i did on tips https://bubbablueandme.com/2015/05/how-to-teach-kids-to-ride-a-bike/

  3. What a brilliant thing to do! We don’t cycle anywhere near as much as we’d like. It’s something we do enjoy when we get the chance. My eldest has taken to cycling off to town now, so his bike gives him some independence.
    The boys need new bikes – my eldest’s bike is so small it’s too young for my younger son! And my younger son is nearly 12 and is riding the same size bike his sister got for her 6th birthday.

    1. So hard to know when to change bikes, and then time passes by and it’s too late. I promised N could have a new bike once he was good enough and could look after one properly. The only problem is that he’s too small for the next size up (5-7) by a couple of cms, but there’s no point buying the age 3-6 size because they’re the same size as the ones he’s got now. Maybe he’ll have grown enough by Christmas.

  4. Well done, I wish I could take ours like this but we live in suburbia where the roads are way too busy…not to mention that fact it’s ridiculously hilly. As a result bikes rarely get taken out and Helen is still using stabilisers. We need to work on this! Sounds like N is doing incerdibly well. #CountryKids

    1. Damn hills. We’ve got a lot of those as well, definitely hard work on little legs. I need to get a car bike rack then we can go and find some family forest trails.

    1. It’s a pretty important part of childhood isn’t it. Although our youngest nephew (age 6) isn’t fussed. He doesn’t really use his bike, and his parents won’t remove the pedals/stabilisers to make it a balance bike like I suggested. N keeps saying his cousin rides a baby bike (stabilisers), so I have to keep explaining it’s for security and that not everyone wants to learn to ride a bike.

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